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Riposte Agency is a complete solution for third-party bill payment transactions.

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Accept external third-party payments.

With Riposte Agency your Post can accept payments on behalf of external agencies from your customers.


Flexible and Powerful

Riposte Agency is data-driven and easily configurable, providing a simple table-based approach to creating agency bill types.

Logistics and flexibility
barcode scanning

Barcode Scanning

Access third-party billing details using the barcode on a customer bill.

list of bills

Drop-down list of bill types

Select bill types from a drop-down menu for rapid transaction processing.


Defined Bill Attributes

Create a scheme for each bill type, such as water bills or phone bills. Create multiple schemes for each agency.

Mobile user
desktop shortcut

Create Desktop Shortcuts

Access specific vendors and bill type schemes quickly by creating desktop shortcuts for each third-party entity.

documentation difficulties

Customized Receipts

Create receipts tailored to each third-party vendor’s specifications.


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