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Transform your business with three applications purpose-built for collecting, analyzing, and implementing postal business insights.

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Streamlines the connection between customer insights and business strategy.

Capitalize on customer insights and enterprise data on a routine base with Riposte Insight, Riposte AI, and Riposte Digital Onboarding.


Transform Insights into Actions

Deliver “just-in-time” training to teach employees how to carry out transactions for newly introduced services with Riposte Digital Onboarding.

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rapid survey generation

Rapid Survey Generation

Create & distribute surveys using Riposte Insight’s 30 question types, 80 standard questions, & 300 survey templates.

actionable recommendations

Actionable Recommendations

Business leaders receive branch-specific recommendations on how to improve performance, enhance efficiency, and satisfy customers.


Increase Revenue, Protect Profitability

Riposte Customer Engagement helps Posts become data-driven organizations committed to continuous improvements that streamline processes and promote innovation.

Increase revenue, protect profitability

Optimization Recommendation Engine

Develops advanced predictive analytics using a Riposte AI’s Optimization Recommendation Engine, providing actionable insights that can be implemented quickly.

Streamlined onboarding

Streamlined Employee Onboarding

Empower new employees to start immediately with “just-in-time” training modules that teach workers how to process various transactions directly on the POS.


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