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Control Tower

The next stage in evolution for Posts looking to grow market share and transform into profitable parcel businesses.

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Increase control and unify every aspect of your delivery and retail networks.

Escher’s purpose-built Control Tower solution illuminates blindspots, links first, middle and last miles, and provides posts with a total and unobstructed view of mail items flowing through their network.


Imagine a solution that can expand and contract your networks to suit capacity.

The Control Tower’s integration capability is a formidable ally for Posts looking to expedite new services to facilitate market growth and better serve their customers.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The visibility over direct and indirect costs and the modularity of the Control Tower solution combine to help lower the total cost of ownership.

Improved Service Levels

Improve Service Levels

A real-time network management solution enables Posts to improve service level attainment and narrow average service times.

Improved Automation

Improved Automation

Improvements to real-time visibility mean fewer manual touches on trackable items, leading to a more predictable and cost-effective delivery setup.

Modern Delivery Profile

Modernized Delivery Profile

The modernizing effects of the Control Tower enable Posts to be a more desirable Partner for e-com shippers, retailers and logistics firms.


Realize Delivery 2.0 and regain your competitive advantage.

The flexibility Escher’s Control Tower builds into your delivery and retail networks supercharges service levels and enables Posts to compete directly with competitors and new entrants.

Delivery 2.0
Increased First-Time Delivery

Increased 1st Time Delivery

The ability to process hold, reroute, and reschedule delivery helps increase first-time delivery rates, improving profitability and customer satisfaction.

Real-time 360 View

A Real-Time 360° Field of View

The unparalleled view of items on your delivery networks gives ubiquitous, precise, and real-time feedback that enables preemptive problem-solving and mitigation.

Less Miss Directs

Miss less Mis-Directs

Superior tracking and visibility not only improve first-time delivery rates but also dramatically reduce mis-directed deliveries.

Control Tower for All

A Control Tower For All

Grow your business potential and increase service appeal by automatically extending your Control Tower benefits to customers and 3rd Parties.


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