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Self-service Kiosk

Automated Self-Service Kiosks provide your customers with always available postal services in multiple locations.

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Self-Service Kiosks extend the post office beyond standard opening hours.

Provide busy consumers with immediate access to postal services at multiple locations, extending the reach of the Post outside the standard post office network.



Capitalize on the self-serve trend in retail by offering Self-Service Kiosks in shopping centers, airports, universities, and more.

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Flexible and Always On

Provide anytime, anywhere access to Postal services for today’s customers.

Intelligent Automation

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Provide a delightful, digital-first experience for customers through a user-friendly intuitive interface.


Future proofing the Post Office

In strategic terms, Self-Service Kiosks enable Posts to increase the depth, breath, and range of omni-channel product offerings, capitalize on the rise of eCommerce-driven parcel deliveries, and provide the technical flexibility to anticipate future needs.

Future proofing the post office
Float management

Generate more Revenue

Exponentially increase your retail network and protect profitability while increasing revenue.

Profitability Possibilities

Reduce your Costs

With Self-Service Kiosks, Posts can offer additional services without incurring additional costs.


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