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Riposte Shipping

Riposte Shipping ensures that all aspects of your Posts’ core service offering is delivered in an efficient and cost-effective way

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Provides mail services for all formats and integrates with track and trace technology.

Riposte Shipping has been built from the best practices of over 35 Post implementations around the world.


Simplifies Taxes, Duties, and Compliance for Cross-Border Shipments

Correctly identify product classification, screen for restricted products and denied parties, estimate taxes and duties, and reduce shipping delays with an integrated customs declaration form. Riposte Shipping now has everything Posts need to provide better cost transparency and improved shipping reliability, all while making compliance convenient.

Modern Post
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Multiple Mail Formats

Manage and select dimensions and costs of different types of mail formats, including letter, large envelope, packet, and parcel.



Enable retail workers or customers to select from a variety of options for their mail including standard, registered, express, insurance, and courier.


The Modern Post Office

Riposte Shipping enables the delivery of all postal services in a variety of ways – Self-serve kiosks, Pick Up Drop Off locations, the traditional counter, and more.

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Delivery and Returns

Track and Trace

Allows for real-time rate and option updates to be gathered providing the customer with accurate competitive pricing and tracing.

Escher Accelerate

Accelerate the Shipping Process

Display “Starts at” rates and “As Soon As” delivery dates with minimal information so customers can make purchase decisions faster.


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