Mobile POS

Design a fluid retail experience by allowing branch workers to process transactions anywhere in the store with a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system.

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Set up flexible and efficient retail branches.

Empower employees to manage Post offices more efficiently by performing transactions anywhere in the store using mobile POS.


Improve Branch Performance

Increase the average daily volume of transactions by equipping retail workers with mPOS so they can help customers send parcels, purchase retail items, or process payments away from the counter.

Improve branch performance
Escher Accelerate

Faster Transactions

Elevate the customer experience by helping branch visitors get in and out as quickly as possible by reducing the number of line ups in store.

Expand PUDO Network

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Reduce pressure at the Post office counter and allow retail workers to provide more personalized, friendly service to customers.


Channel Agnostic System

Seamlessly integrate with any hardware and operating system thanks to the mobile POS system’s open architecture.

Channel agnostic system
Delivery and Returns

Increased Customer Touchpoints

Provide anytime, anywhere access by equipping your retail partners with mobile POS.

Streamlined onboarding

Rapid Onboarding

Expand operation across your agency network rapidly with a user-friendly mobile platform.

Actionable Insights

Mobile Postal Workers and Consumer App

Take services right to the consumer’s home. Mobile Postal Worker solution packs post office services into the mail carrier’s pocket, and the Consumer App places the Post Office right at the consumer’s fingertips.


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