Riposte Taxes, Duties & Compliance

De-mystify cross-border shipping with tools that simplify international delivery.

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Implement a complete cross-border shipping solution.

Powered by Hurricane, Riposte Taxes, Duties & Compliance enables Posts to correctly identify product classification, screen for restricted products, screen for denied parties, and estimate taxes and duties.


Mitigate Shipping Risk

Meet all regulatory requirements, provide better cost-transparency to customers, and improve customer loyalty across the supply chain with a suite of compliance tools.

Logistics and flexibility
Product Classification

Accurate Product Classification

Ensure compliance with the latest customs regulations and emerging security and customs requirements for electronic advanced data (EAD).

Denied Party Screening

Denied Party Screening

Know your recipient by screening against the denied parties list for organizations, companies, or individuals that governments have forbidden business with.

Prohibited item screening

Prohibited Items Screening

Ensure parcels don’t contain restricted items, such as animal products or firearms, using the recipient address and the product SKU.

Taxes & Duties calculation

Taxes and Duties Calculator

Prevent landing cost shocks by viewing the estimated final cost of a delivery.


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