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Escher is a global leader powering eCommerce for postal operators, couriers, and logistics organizations.

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Purpose-built Customer Engagement Platform for Posts

Our applications are specifically designed to help Posts increase revenue, reduce costs, protect profitability, and delight customers. Trusted by 35 posts worldwide, Escher is transforming the economics, speed, and customer experience of post-retail and logistics. Escher supports billions of customer transactions across thousands of points of engagement, providing hundreds of tiered services within an optimized cost structure. Partnering with us, you can now truly put customers first, profitably engaging them anywhere, anytime.


Secure, Stable, and Scalable.

Our open architecture platform facilitates Posts’ growth. Post-specific applications for mobile payments, cross-border delivery, PUDO networks, and more seamlessly integrate into the core system using our reliable technology, designed for business continuity.


Award-Winning Platform


Locations Worldwide


Trusted by over 32 postal operators around the world.

Meet the Executive Leadership Team

Brody Buhler, CEO, Escher Group

Brody Buhler


As CEO, Brody oversees all departments at Escher and is responsible for driving growth in addition to key areas such as strategy, product, operations, and culture. A distinguished leader in the post and parcel practice for over 22 years, Brody is a trusted advisor to industry c-level executives globally. Mr. Buhler quickly earns the respect of his staff, customers, partners, and peers for his creative strategies and thoughtful approach in solving the postal industry’s toughest challenges, driving above-average results, and delivering excellence in every situation. 

Most recently, Brody served as the Global Managing Director of Accenture’s Post and Parcel Practice for the past 9 years. In that role, he was responsible for overseeing Accenture’s delivery and thought leadership for the industry and oversaw a global practice of over 2,000 resources across more than 20 countries. Prior to this position, Brody served as the Digital Government lead at Accenture Federal Services where he launched their practice. 

John DiBari, Escher Group, CFO

John DiBari


As Chief Financial Officer, John oversees all financial activities at Escher, including strategic financial planning, funding initiatives, risk management, financial strategy and analysis, auditing, and financial reporting. A seasoned financial executive who has worked across multiple industries, John is also responsible for streamlining business processes, strengthening company culture, and implementing Escher’s strategic vision.

Prior to joining Escher, John held leadership positions in both closely held and private equity-backed companies. He has a proven track record of increasing shareholder value, successfully acquiring and integrating organizations, developing high-performing teams, and building world-class financial business processes. John holds an MBA from Babson F.W. Olin School of Business and a BA from Hobart College.

Matt Jones, Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Jones

Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer, Matt looks after the vision, strategy, and product management of Escher’s post/parcel focused Retail and Delivery solutions. Matt is obsessed with process design, product collaboration, and applying Machine Learning and AI to business processes.

Prior to joining Escher, Matt held leadership positions in the Global Retail Business Units of Infor and Oracle, where he guided Product Management, Solution Consulting, and Services Teams. Matt began his career at global retailers (Footlocker, Best Buy, and Bath & Body Works).

Matt holds a BS in Operations Management from Kansas State University and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Kevin Seller, Chief Sales Officer

Kevin Seller

Chief Sales Officer

As Chief Sales Officer, Kevin leads Escher’s global sales, business development, customer success, and marketing functions.

A postal expert with over 30 years of industry experience, Kevin has worked at multiple strategic levels within the postal space and possesses an intricate knowledge of the inner workings of sales, marketing, governmental, legislative, and financial practices.

Kevin held several leadership roles with Royal Mail Group and Post Office Limited, focussed on Sales and business strategy. Prior to joining Escher, Kevin worked with a boutique consultancy leading Public and Private sector sales initiatives in the Technology and Project Delivery space.

Wayne Haubner

Wayne Haubner


Wayne is a distinguished, pioneering technology executive and change agent with a long track record of driving enduring results through sound leadership, agility, and continuous innovation. Mr. Haubner has been successful in building world-class customer-centric engineering organizations by fostering a culture of data-driven continuous improvement and collaboration.

Prior to joining Escher, Wayne occupied C-suite and senior executive-level positions in the software, cloud computing, and analytics space. In these posts, he focused on bringing leading-edge technology solutions to market by overseeing global teams with thousands of engineers. Today, he uses his experience in technology, innovation, executive leadership, and change management to support Escher’s goal of ensuring Posts are leaders in customer engagement. Wayne holds a degree in Computer Science from Eastern Kentucky University.

Adam Racine, Chief Operating Officer, Escher Group

Adam Racine


As the Chief Operating Officer, Adam is responsible for delivering and implementing Escher’s retail and delivery solutions for customers across the globe. A postal sector expert for over 20 years, Adam is adept at using data to help bolster decision-making and has delivered projects in multiple geographies. He has proven experience leading complex, large-scale IT system assessments, requirements gathering, design, and Implementation.

Before joining Escher, Adam was the Lead for the Post and Parcel Industry at Accenture, where he directed the delivery of projects to postal clients, supported sale initiatives, and made sizeable contributions to the development of thought leadership within the postal industry.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech with a degree in Business Information Technology, specializing in Decision Support Systems.

Pauline Kenna

Pauline Kenna


Since joining Escher, Pauline has risen to the position of VP of Delivery with overall responsibility for management, coordination and delivery of all customer solutions. Prior to moving in to the postal technology sector, Pauline held positions in the telecommunications and healthcare industries.

A graduate of Dublin City University with a BSc (Hons) in computer applications, Pauline has 20 years’ experience in the postal and technology industries. Prior to joining Escher Group in 2001, Pauline was involved in counter automation initiatives for the UK Post Office and Australia Post. These experiences, together with her involvement in counter automation projects within Escher, have given her significant insight into both the business and technical needs of major postal organizations.

Steve Camilleri Bowman

Steve Camilleri Bowman


As the VP of EMEA Delivery Services, is responsible for managing and coordinating all the customer solutions in the EMEA region.

An experienced executive with close to 20 years in the tech industry, Steve has worked on countless projects and implementations globally. He possesses extensive knowledge in software engineering, product management and strategy, business development and sales, delivery leadership, and executive leadership.

Before joining Escher, Steve held roles in the COO Office and worked as the Group Head of Software Engineering and Delivery Centers for one of the largest London-based Technology Service Providers. He also has a wide range of experience within the postal sector, assisting in digital transformation and multiple transformation projects, and has led the implementation of solutions in retail, track and trace, cross-border, locker management systems, last-mile apps, and more.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Malta, specializing in Business & Computing.

Alan Kilduff

Alan Kilduff


Alan Kilduff is Vice President of Product Development in our Digital Services Group. Alan is responsible for innovation and product delivery of Escher’s digital platform, which encompasses the areas of online web hosted services, consumer mobile apps, digital mail delivery and data analytics.

In Escher, Alan has worked closely with many of our Postal customers to deliver modern digital services for their staff and customers. Alan has also been closely involved with key Government service strategies where these services are delivered through the Post Office.

Alan is keen technologist, a Computer Science graduate of Trinity College Dublin and has many years’ experience of managing highly performant teams delivering enterprise grade highly scalable applications including document management, workflow and workforce management solutions. Alan is a frequent speaker at a variety of industry conferences.”

Jasjit Nehal

Jasjit Nehal

Principal Consultant

Jasjit joined Escher in 1999 as VP of Software Development at its Cambridge office.  Since 2002 he has been based at Escher’s Asia Pacific office in Singapore.  He has been instrumental in the successful delivery of a number of Escher’s projects across the globe and has extensive knowledge of the postal industry.  With more than 35 years experience in the software industry, Jasjit has held a number of senior technical and management positions within and outside of Escher and has extensive experience in the design and implementation of large-scale, complex, and high-performance distributed systems.

Mike Sackton

Mike Sackton


As Chief Architect, Michael is responsible for leading Escher’s core product development group, where he works to build a platform designed to take postal organizations into the future ensuring they can transform the customer engagement. Michael joined the Escher Group software development team in June 2001 and since that time has been a lead engineer or architect for the majority of Escher’s products. He was also the principal solution architect for several of Escher’s largest customer implementations and has been involved with all aspects of postal counter automation in a variety of roles. This experience has given him a deep insight into the technical and business needs of postal organizations around the world, both large and small. He holds a BA (Hons) from Brandeis University.

Jacob Skowronek

Jacob Skowronek


Jacob joined the Escher Software Development team in April 1996. Since then, he has been involved with the majority of the technologies present in Escher’s current product set. Jacob is responsible for the Boston Services Team, in particular all of Escher’s services and operations for the United States Postal Service. Prior to joining Escher, Jacob worked for internet application and service companies. With over 20 years’ experience in Posts, Jacob is an expert in the development of technology that allows Posts to transform the points of engagement with customers.

Brody Buhler, CEO, Escher Group
John DiBari, Escher Group, CFO
Matt Jones, Chief Strategy Officer
Kevin Seller, Chief Sales Officer
Wayne Haubner
Adam Racine, Chief Operating Officer, Escher Group
Pauline Kenna
Steve Camilleri Bowman
Alan Kilduff
Jasjit Nehal
Mike Sackton
Jacob Skowronek

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