Logistic Solutions

Our unique software platform is purpose-built to power the first and last mile deliveries for Post retail and logistics organizations. With Escher, First and last-mile delivery becomes streamlined, efficient, and profitable and is powered by the most customer-centric, low-cost, retail network imaginable.

Riposte Track and Trace

Track, Trace and Last-Mile Delivery

Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery is a suite of parcel tracking and traceability solutions that help postal operators meet the requirements for first and last-mile delivery.

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Escher Optical Character Recognition


Escher’s, centrally deployed and managed AI-powered optical character recognition solution is built on a foundation in deep-learning, intelligent voting logic, and advanced recognition technology to deliver maximum read rates with very few errors.

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Escher Address Match

Address Match

Escher Match utilizes AI-powered OCR and advanced matching logic to enable a scalable, cost-effective sort-to-light solution for both mail and parcels.

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Escher VCS


Escher’s VCS solution is a fast and cost-effective way to resolve sorting exceptions for all mail types, helping Posts significantly increase sorting throughput.

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