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Retail Analytics

With Retail Analytics, Posts can leverage the power of real-time analytics across their entire network, helping postal operators make informed decisions from a single source of truth.

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Seamless Integration with Riposte

With native automatic integration to the Riposte platform, all data that has been processed through Riposte is seamlessly available for analytics, including transactional, reference, and operational data.


Real-time Insights from Third-Party Systems

Since the Riposte platform also has pre-built integration with major credit card processors to enable retail benchmark data, Posts can leverage Retail Analytics here as well.  Additionally, Retail Analytics supports industry-standard cloud data factory connectors to include data relevant to the enterprise such as ERP data, e-commerce data, and parcel track and trace data.

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Flexible Delivery

Designed to engage the entire organization in a 360-degree view of your data, Retail Analytics is best described as a single source of truth that can be leveraged by anyone, anytime, anywhere, from a clerk reviewing customer experience data for their store, to executives reviewing how to optimize and expand the network.


Self-Service Discovery

Retail Analytics also features a self-service discovery tool called Ask Riposte that puts the power of natural language processing and AI on top of your data. Think of it as Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri for your data. With Ask Riposte, you simply type your question and the answer will be returned.

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Gain Deep Insight Across Your Organizations

Retail Analytics includes metrics to better understand areas of your organization such as cash and settlement, customer experience, compliance, industry benchmarks, inventory and stock, productivity, revenue and margin, and workforce.

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