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Customer experience is rapidly evolving and no organization knows this more than Posts. With more of an emphasis on speed and efficiency, Posts need to be flexible and pivot quickly to keep pace with changing perceptions and expectations. Thankfully, Posts have lots of options at their disposal to introduce new solutions. From improved automation to new delivery options, postal operators everywhere are planning and laying foundations that enhance the customer experience.

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Increasing Competition Will Improve the Customer Experience

As e-commerce expands, so does competition along the supply chain. Both sellers and shippers alike face challenges in cutting costs while offering more services. The big winner in these daily battles, though, will be the customer. As shoppers have increased choices in delivery options and pricing, the entire experience has changed. Now, it’s no longer just about product or price, but who will get it to the consumer’s home.


AI and Data Analytics Will Form Foundation for Customer Experience

The nature of the Post’s duties gives it direct access to a continual stream of data and insights. However, many Posts are still not putting that information to use. AI and data analytics solutions will help. Posts can leverage AI to add automated safeguards to reduce fraud and increase transaction speeds. Posts can automatically analyze employee hours worked vs sales to improve training and overall efficiency. AI and data analytics will continue to be critical to unlock hidden value for Posts everywhere.

Channel agnostic system
48% Of Postal Operators are not currently using data analytics

Of Postal Operators are not currently using data analytics

Of Posts offer Pick-up Drop-off channels


The Future of Postal Customer Experience

By partnering with traditional brick and mortar retail shops, customers can pick up and drop off their parcels with ease and convenience. Postal services of the future will see greater integration of POS solutions and other technologies too. The more access and integration consumers have, the better the customer’s experience becomes.

Increase revenue, protect profitability

Customer Experience knows no Borders

In an ever-expanding world of global ecommerce, one of the most challenging aspects of deliveries is delays at the border. Whether that means changes in regulations or lost packages, too much can often be left to chance and cross-border shipments can sometimes be anything but smooth sailing. While some of these issues are out of the operator’s hands, Posts do have tools at their disposal, such as improved tracking abilities or tax, duty, and fee calculation. Providing the best customer experience possible should be a key focus for all companies who ship internationally.

24-hour snapshot
68% of Posts do not offer a pre-paid tax and duty solution

Of Posts do not offer a pre-paid tax and duty solution

Profitability Possibilities

Cost Transparency and Tax & Duty estimations are the main obstacles to cross-border e-commerce growth


Knowing Upfront Costs Improves Customer Experience

While some sellers stay focused on offering cheaper products and services, recipients can all too easily get stuck with the bill. A barrier impacting the customer experience is hidden VAT taxes and import duties. When the consumer is unaware of these additional costs, they usually aren’t happy. Instead, having accurate and updated fees and transparent pricing eliminates surprises.

Customer communication

Managing Parcel Volume to Improve Customer Experience

Last-mile parcel volume has proved challenging thanks to the increase in ecommerce. With people working and shopping from home, parcel volume has significantly increased. However, the industry has also seen costs and staff cuts like many others. As a result, managing shipments and post inventory is a primary concern. If not handled well, it only hurts the customer experience in the end.


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