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With Escher’s Universal ePOS solution, Posts can offer full postal service functionality in any third-party retail location, directly on the retailer’s existing POS system or payment devices.

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One Transaction for Store Merchandise and Postal Services

Escher’s Universal ePOS solution allows a consumer at any retail store, at check out, to pay for all general merchandise from the store, along with postal goods and services, in a single transaction.


Full Postal Service Functionality at Front of Store Checkout

Universal ePOS transforms the front of store operations, enabling retailers to offer full postal service functionality including bill payments, parcel returns, parcel drop-off and pick-up, flat rate parcel shipments, Click n’ Ship and more.

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Rapid Retail Network Expansion

With Universal ePOS, convenience store chains, drug stores, supermarkets, or petrol stations can now offer postal services at a far lower cost than was ever possible before.

Profitability Possibilities

Reduces Costs

Universal ePOS will help Posts avoid many fixed costs related to new post office leases, hardware, support and maintenance by shifting to this variable-cost model.


Integrates with Enterprise POS, POS-as-a-Service, and Payment Terminals

Universal ePOS integrates with many enterprise POS solutions making it ideal for large third-party retailers. The solution also integrates with POS-as-a-service systems that might be used by smaller convenience store chains and petrol stations. Universal ePOS also provides a native Android Package Kit (APK) that can be deployed directly onto any POS terminal as well.


A Light-Weight Solution That Benefits Retailers Everywhere

Third-party retailers benefit greatly from Universal ePOS. Retailers expand their product offering instantly, leverage existing POS systems and payment terminals, and use floor space more efficiently. Retailers also experience increased footfall to their stores and can utilize existing staff to handle both general merchandise and postal transactions.

Logistics and flexibility

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