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Escher Match helps postal operators find, correct, and standardize destination addresses, streamlining the sorting process and helping create a scalable, cost-effective sort-to-light solution for both mail and parcels.

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Increase the Speed and Reduce the Cost of Manual Sorting

Escher Match is built on a patented fuzzy matching platform that enables automatic recognition for all pre-notified mail and features intelligent address look-up, address cleansing, and validation technology to help Posts reduce costs and increase delivery efficiency.

reduce cost and manual sorting
First in class address matching

First-In-Class Address Matching

A market-leading address matching solution that is fully scalable, and capable of handling mail volumes of several countries.

Unified control

Open Service Creation

Address Match is designed for open service creation. Posts receive all the tools and documentation to start building services right away.


Centralized, Web-Based Solution with Full Reporting

Escher Match is centrally deployed and centrally managed, with comprehensive statistics and data reporting capabilities.

Independent character matching

Independent Character & Language Matching

Escher Match simplifies language support with western or eastern options, so there’s no need to invest in several different language configurations

future proof architecture

Future-Proof System Architecture

The architecture of Escher Match is based on industry standards which eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in.


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