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Riposte is a powerful, award-winning customer engagement platform that empowers Chief Digital Officers to drive digital and cultural transformation within Posts around the world.  With over 30 years of best practices and experience, Riposte enables Posts to accelerate the rollout of new services, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

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Improve customer experience at every point of engagement

From self-service kiosks, online access, and the convenience of multiple PUDO locations, to instore queue busters and fast, efficient service at the counter, Escher helps Posts to streamline the entire retail process, greatly improving the customer experience. These just a few of the ways Riposte will help you continually enhance customer experience.


Onboard new solutions and services quickly and successfully

The Riposte platform helps Posts drives top-line growth by enabling the quick and easy creation of new services. New solutions can also be rolled out and widely adopted. Riposte is designed specifically for Posts and counter staff with a clean user interface and intuitive navigation. Training is minimal and takes hours, not days.

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Actionable Insights

Turn data into actionable intelligence

With Riposte, Posts can automatically transform POS data across the entire retail network into actionable suggestions, automatically. The platform also provides access to real-time customer feedback and trends from all points of engagement.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation

Riposte’s intelligent automation streamlines transactions and workflows across the Post, providing greater efficiency and improved customer service. The platform’s built-in cues accelerate agent performance and its intelligent cross-sell and upsell guidance helps increase the value of every transaction.


A future proof platform with the freedom to innovate

Chief Digital Officers turn to Riposte since the platform can integrate with any business system or third-party application, helping future proof their Post. The platform also gives Posts the freedom to innovate, easily adding new points of engagement or the ability to monetize a revenue stream.

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