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Optical Character Recognition

Automate the processing of all mail items at your Post with this advanced, AI-powered optical character recognition solution. Centrally deployed and managed, Escher OCR has a foundation in deep-learning, intelligent voting logic, and advanced recognition technology to deliver maximum read rates with very few errors.

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Minimize Manual Processes and Reduce Costs

Minimize the manual processing of letters, parcels and more. With Escher OCR, Posts reduce processing and sortation costs and boost return on investment. And there’s no need to replace your existing sorting or scanning infrastructure.

reduce cost and manual sorting
Marketing leading read rates

Market Leading Read Rates

Escher OCR leads the market with the highest read rates and the lowest number of errors regardless of the mail type.

advanced label reading

Advanced Label Reading

Escher OCR is capable of reading all labels, barcodes, and 2D codes at any angle or tilt.


Increase Throughput for All Mail Items

From capture, to address block identification, processing, image-to-text conversion, metadata detection, address lookup, and finalization, Escher OCR is a complete solution for automating letters, parcels, and more. Drive down costs and increase throughput for all mail items at your Post today.

Increased throughput
Open CEN compliant architecture

Open CEN Compliant Architecture

Integrates easily with all existing systems at your Post.

Performance monitoring and reporting

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Escher OCR enables pre-emptive forecasting and problem mitigation.

Fuzzy address matching

Fuzzy Address Matching Engine

Eliminates character noise and automatically corrects omissions and errors in addresses.

Foreign language recognition

Foreign Language Recognition

Escher OCR supports multiple languages, western or eastern, with an extensive and easy-to-update database, saving the need to invest in different language configurations.


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