Four ways Posts can provide a better customer experience

Four ways Posts can provide a better customer experience

Whether you want to attract new customers or keep long-time patrons coming back, delighting customers is a pivotal way to achieve these goals and more.


Better customer experience in four steps

According to an April 2021 thought leadership piece from Forbes, “Providing valuable products and services and being available for questions and concerns are important factors, but not the whole equation when it comes to giving customers an all-around excellent experience.”

Providing a great customer experience can also mean finding, adopting, and implementing ways to stand out, striving to exceed expectations as a matter of course and not as an exception.

Take for instance a customer who requires assistance with shipping a parcel overseas. Customers often prefer face-to-face and engaging customer service, for services like this, which gives Posts a chance to shine and delight customers directly. Today it is more important than ever to find ways to allow Posts to focus on creating the right experience, interacting directly with customers when it makes sense, while also providing time-saving and convenient self-service options for the growing number of consumers who prefer it.

Below we’ve outlined four ways Posts can maximize the customer experience—mostly with self-service and automated solutions—allowing Posts to focus on delighting customers at every touchpoint.

Streamlining the International Shipping Process

With the ongoing supply chain challenges, it is no surprise that international shipping presents numerous issues that frustrate, confuse, and sometimes concern customers who simply want to get a package across the border. What they don’t always realize is that there are numerous steps wedged in between point A and B that creates mix-ups and delays if the delivery is not handled correctly.

In addition to a comprehensive cross-border delivery solution, mobile technology offers multiple options too. Customers can scan a QR code to quickly process an outgoing international package delivery, or, to pick up an incoming package, in order to streamline the international shipping process and turn much of it into a self-service experience for customers.  Even better, some of these solutions allow customers to automatically and accurately print shipping labels and track packages instantly.


Anticipating Delivery Preferences

Analyzing all the data that Posts collect from customers daily is an excellent way to enable exceptional customer service. With a real-time retail analytics solution, Posts can gather data about delivery senders and recipients for each transaction and make informed decisions quickly from a single source of truth. They can then use the intelligence to further enhance the customer experience. When Posts tap into the data that already exists in their network, they can unlock a whole host of services and add meaningful value for both senders and receivers.


Providing Multiple Self-Service Options

The self-service checkout lanes at the supermarket have revolutionized the grocery shopping experience for customers. While not everyone prefers that lane to the human-operated checkout stations, 47% of customers surveyed in 2019 said they used self-service checkouts regularly. And this was before the pandemic. Now, demand is even higher for self-service options.

With the Riposte Platform, Posts can leverage a broad range of self-service options, including self-serve kiosks, in-store tablets for customer use, queue busters, and much more to expedite each visit, which typically results in empowered and delighted customers.


Offering More Mobile Apps and Features

Mobile apps and features have revolutionized just about every industry. Increasing the number of mobile apps and features that offer customers real-time delivery alerts and status updates and the ability to redirect parcel delivery to another location are a few ways Posts can create a more effortless experience for customers!

We believe that each of these tips can help your Post save customers time, energy, and headaches, which goes a long way to delighting customers. What do you think of these ideas, and do you use any of them?  We want to hear how you delight customers, so be sure to share your examples on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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