Delivering Ecommerce from the First to Last Mile

Posts are embarking on wide-sweeping retail and delivery network transformations. Escher helps Posts deliver an enhanced retail and digital customer experience, activate new revenue streams, and realize new delivery economics.


Delivering Ecommerce from the First to Last Mile

To say that the postal industry is changing at a fast clip is an understatement. It wasn’t even that long ago that letters represented a major business for most Posts. The rise of ecommerce—and the new customer expectations that came with it—have simply turned the industry on its head.

To keep up with the seismic shifts occurring across the industry, Posts are embarking on wide-sweeping retail and delivery network transformations. That’s why years ago we too evolved our product and service offering and today, Posts around the world rely on Escher to help them with these initiatives. Below, we share why our solutions have evolved to help Posts everywhere navigate and thrive in this new postal landscape.

Why the change?

It’s no small feat, meeting the expectations of the modern consumer who values speed, convenience, and simplicity all while containing rising costs, and the absolute necessity to diversify service in order to drive revenue gains. Posts are tackling these challenges and we’re helping them every step of the way.

New customer attitudes

Today, customers want to buy something online and see it on their doorstep a few days later. More than that, they expect to know where their package is every step of its journey. And if they can’t be at home to receive a parcel, they want to redirect it to a PUDO location near their work. When customers have to make a return or buy stamps, they don’t want to wait in line; they’d rather make those transactions at the minimart down the street.

These preferences and the resulting surge in parcels necessitate a world-class retail and delivery network. And the recent investments we’ve made in our Riposte platform enable Posts to be more agile and responsive to customer needs. Postal operators around the world rely on Escher to deliver an enhanced retail and digital customer experience, to activate new revenue streams, and to realize new delivery economics.

New products

Today, the Riposte platform puts your customers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to view a parcel’s journey in real-time, adjust delivery instructions while it’s still in transit and so much more. At the same time, senders get peace of mind with proof of delivery. Beyond delivery, Escher’s PUDO and Universal ePOS products promote convenient and efficient self-service for returns, pickups, and other postal transactions.

Riposte helps Posts seamlessly connect every customer interaction across every digital channel, service, engagement model, and physical location on the backend. With unified physical and digital channels, customers can begin a transaction on one channel and complete it in another. What is more, Escher’s AI and analytics capabilities provide Post leaders with actionable insights regarding customer preferences, internal labor, as well as retail and delivery network efficiency.

Not only does Escher help Posts optimize costs through centralized administration, lower capital expense, and surpass customer expectations, we also help you prepare for the future. We’re continually researching postal trends, innovating, and rolling out solutions to help Posts capture opportunities in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

New opportunities for Posts

Escher’s Riposte platform and full-service support helps Posts become enablers of ecommerce today and offers a continuous stream of enhancements that facilitate innovation today and tomorrow. Riposte allows Posts to deploy new physical touchpoints, streamline day-to-day operations, and accelerate the rollout of new products and services with the scale, speed, and low cost that comes from an award-winning platform. Even complex and costly operations like first and last-mile delivery are more streamlined and profitable with Escher, and advanced analytics enable Posts to make more informed decisions, be more efficient, and grow cost-effectively.

Delivering ecommerce from the first to last mile

The growth in ecommerce has created an incredible opportunity for Posts. And the team at Escher is committed to help Posts deliver the promise of ecommerce to your customers, from the first mile to the last mile and every step in between. If you’re ready for a world-class retail and delivery network, we invite you to connect with us today and our postal technology experts can suggest the best path forward for your Post.


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