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Building a Solid Technology Foundation for Customer Growth

The Rapidly Evolving Customer Profile. Customers are no longer buying stamps or sending letters in

The Rapidly Evolving Customer Profile.

Customers are no longer buying stamps or sending letters in volumes like before–they’re waiting for their e-commerce packages to get delivered or dropping off a return. In 2020 alone, global retail e-commerce sales reached a worldwide total of $4.28 trillion. Statista estimates that e-commerce will account for more than $6.5 trillion in sales, representing 22% of all global retail sales by 2023. And to top it off, customers expect their purchases to arrive in pristine condition on the same day.

How can Posts keep up with tremendous demand and high expectations?

The answer: a solid technology foundation. Escher spoke about how technology is key to building a customer-centric retail network at the Post Expo 2021 event. If you missed this session, read on to learn how leading Posts are setting themselves up for success.


What Are Leading Posts Prioritizing?

Consumers want their packages fast. On top of that, they want excellent customer service and unparalleled convenience. But with huge volumes of merchandise being bought and returned ($428 billion worth), Posts everywhere are modernizing their operation to meet those expectations.

The question is, what should Posts prioritize first? As part of Escher’s 2021 Future of Posts Report, we surveyed 70 top postal operators around the world about what they are doing to become more customer-focused.


  1. Digital transformation – 63% of postal operators cited digital transformation as one of their top priorities over the next one to three years. This isn’t surprising when you consider that digital transformation enables Posts to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. For example, Riposte Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery helps postal operators route their deliveries optimally, redirect and intercept parcels in real-time, offer customers a choice of delivery windows, and more. Not only does this enhance the customer experience, it also allows Posts to set and meet even the most challenging KPIs. Once the underlying digital transformation is complete, Posts can offer new services on multiple channels, opening the door to new revenue streams while pleasing customers at the same time.
  2. New POS channels – Mobile apps, smart lockers, self-serve kiosks, and PUDO are just a few new points of sale channels Posts are quickly expanding into. In fact, 75% of postal operators are planning to implement mobile apps over the next one to three years. Being mobile means being available to customers 24/7, assuring them that they are Posts’ utmost priority. Similarly, channels like smart lockers, self-serve kiosks, and PUDO show customers that Posts care about convenience. Being more agile and reaching customers in different ways is key to becoming a more customer-centric organization.
  3. Improving the customer experience – Posts need to cater to their customers, or they risk losing business. To ensure an ideal, end-to-end experience, Posts are meticulously mapping out the customer journey, weaving together existing services and future services. Customers should have a pleasant experience whether customers are entering parcel details into a Post’s mobile app, printing a shipping label, dropping off a parcel at a self-serve kiosk, or confirming a recipient has picked up the package from a PUDO station. To augment these customer journeys, Posts are also investing in improved customer service (67%), reducing queues and wait times (35%), and leveraging data analytics (22%) to provide a seamlessly connected customer experience.


A Comprehensive Technology Strategy

To take a holistic approach to digital transformation and customer service, Posts need a platform that serves all their current and future needs 一unify physical and digital channels, streamline partner networks, allow customers to self-serve, and present analytics in real-time. That’s where Escher comes into play. Escher helps Posts connect nearly 1 billion consumers with global e-commerce networks to deliver enhanced retail and digital customer experiences, new revenue streams, and new delivery economics. Learn more about Escher’s suite of products and services by contacting us today.


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