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Escher Helps Posts Offer Postal Services Across Third-Party Retail Environments Everywhere

The launch of Escher’s Universal ePOS solution will dramatically increase points of engagement for all Posts at a far lower cost 


Boston, MA  Oct 13th2020 — Escherthe global leader transforming postal operators and courierstoday announced the launch of its Universal ePOS solution. This innovative solution delivers full postal service functionality to any thirdparty retail location, directly on their existing POS system or payment devices. With Universal ePOS, convenience store chains, drug stores, supermarkets, or petrol stations can now offer postal services at a far lower cost than was ever possible before.   

“In an environment where consumer preferences are rapidly changing, costs are escalating, and competition is intense, Posts are looking for faster and easy-to-set-up solutions for expanding their network of locations and services in a cost-effective way, explains Nick Manolis, CEO, Escher. “With Universal ePOS, Posts everywhere can now do so. While Universal ePOS will help Posts avoid many fixed costs related to new post office leases, hardware, support and maintenance by shifting to this variable cost model, it’s truly the customer that benefits as a result of the added convenience and longer store operating hours now available to them.  

Escher’s Universal ePOS solution allows a consumer at any retail store, at check out, to pay for all general merchandise from the store along with postal goods and services, in a single transaction.  Bill payments, parcel returns, parcel dropoff and pickup, flat rate parcel shipmentsand Click n Ship are examples of transactions that can now be handled at the front of store checkout area.  

The Universal ePOS solution will transform the front of store operations at traditional retail counters everywhere through the use of our Universal ePOS API,” said Wayne Haubner, CTO, Escher. “While Universal ePOS integrates with a host of enterprise POS solutions making it ideal for large third-party retailersit is equally an extremely effective solution for use in smaller convenience store chains and petrol stations that might be using POS-as-a-service systems. Our Universal ePOS solution can be deployed in a side-by-side configuration in this scenario as well.” 

Escher is a premier integration partner with the global leaders in payment processing hardware. As such, the Universal ePOS solution also provides a native Android Package Kit (APK) that can be deployed directly onto any POS terminal as well. 

When Posts leverage Escher’s Universal ePOS solution, third-party retailers benefit greatly as well. These retailers expand their product offering instantly, leverage existing POS systems and payment terminals, and use floor space more efficiently. Retailers also experience increased footfall to their store and can utilize existing staff to handle both general merchandize and postal transaction. 


Product Availability

Existing customers should contact their account manager for more information. New customers are encouraged to get in touch with us for further information.


About Riposte

The award-winning Riposte Platform provides Posts with an all-in-one customer engagement solution to support every step of the digital transformation journey. Posts can bypass unnecessary complexity and expense with Riposte and eliminate the trouble of evaluating, purchasing, and integrating multiple solutions. The Riposte Platform comes with out-of-the-box solutions for counter service, mobile integration, data analytics, retail worker onboarding, customer survey generation, integration of third-party agents, facilitation of a pick-up, drop-off network, and more.

About Escher

Escher is transforming postal operators and couriers worldwide, enabling them to engage today’s digitally savvy customers across all points of engagement. With Escher’s unique, purpose-built customer engagement platform, Posts can drive superior customer experience, with greater speed and better economics. With over 35 customers, Escher works with the most innovative Posts in the world. Their largest customer carries 47% of the world’s post. Escher’s technology gets used to serving over a billion citizens with 350,000 points of engagement globally. For more information about Escher, visit

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