Trends Shaping the Postal Industry in 2021 (Part 2)

There are many dynamics and trends that are contributing to the rapidly changing postal industry today


Trends Shaping the Postal Industry in 2021 (Part 2)

As discussed in the first part of this blog series, there are many dynamics and trends that are contributing to the rapidly changing postal industry today. However, despite these changes, including a global pandemic, there are also plenty of unique opportunities to be had.

In an effort to dive deeper into these dynamics and trends in order to understand how Posts are adapting, and what their plans are for 2021 and beyond, we recently held a series of global online workshops.

In addition to what we already discussed, here are additional trends shaping the Postal industry in 2021. Continue reading to discover how postal operators are adapting.

Serving the Community with Grocery Delivery Service

As nations saw many closures, the needs of the community became more apparent. Those Postal locations in both developing nations and developed countries alike saw access to food becoming a problem.

As a result, many Posts not only offered grocery delivery but helped stocked food products. That allowed area consumers to continue feeding their families without additional stops.

Unfortunately, rural areas are still challenging to serve, but perhaps partnerships with the private sector can help.

Shifts in Customer Preferences

As life unexpectedly changed, so too, did the preferences of consumers as they adjusted. While diversification remains a vital component in operations, one must understand these new behaviors first.

Two preferences that only accelerated during the pandemic were demand for contactless services and more digital service offerings. It’s also important to remember the two core advantages that a Post has: coverage and flexibility.

So Posts who were able to roll out more online services for their customers, as well as incorporate contactless delivery and contactless services,  at scale, perhaps through automated branches were able to attract new and existing customer over the past year.

Pandemic-Related Post Adaptations

Because consumers became forced to change their daily habits, so too, did the Post. Many international postal leaders say there is a real need for updated five-year plans or early implementations of them.

Parcel service delivery of course surged this year, forcing additional changes throughout the industry. In addition to grocery services, the need for digital banking also took center stage.

While economies suffered greatly, many SMEs and new companies thrived. Unlike other industries, many Postal locations kept staff numbers at or near 100%.

How Will 2021 Continue to Shape the Postal Industry?

While much remains uncertain, most Posts see a clearer path ahead. By expanding what services postal operators offer, consumers can receive convenient solutions. Many Posts rolling out additional non-traditional services such as government and financial services and are not only diversifying their revenue but are adding many new customers. Once more, the local Post can become a one-stop-shop for area residents. Stay tuned for more blog posts on trends shaping the postal industry in 2021.


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