Riposte Application 8.4.1 Is Now Available

The latest version of Riposte Application 8.4.1 includes enhancements to Riposte Shipping, Customer Display Unit, updates to the UI, core infrastructure upgrades, the addition of real-time performance and usage monitoring & more.


Riposte Application 8.4.1 Is Now Available

Boston, MA – April 29th, 2021Escher, the global leader transforming postal operators and couriers, announced several feature updates to its award-winning Customer Engagement Platform, Riposte. The latest version of Riposte Application 8.4.1 includes enhancements to Riposte Shipping, Customer Display Unit, updates to the UI, core infrastructure upgrades, the addition of real-time performance and usage monitoring and more.

“Postal operators rely on Escher to deliver an enhanced retail and digital customer experience and this latest version helps Posts do just that,” said Wayne Haubner, Chief Technology Officer at Escher. “Riposte 8.4.1 includes further improvements to the user interface enriching the self-service experience for customers. This release also includes deeper integrations and enhanced functionality with peripheral devices, allowing post office staff to provide a better retail experience for customers. We’ve also added a new powerful feature to monitor the health, performance, and usage of the Riposte Application.”

The latest updates to Riposte Application 8.4.1 include:

Riposte Application Telemetry

  • Performance and Usage Monitoring: New in this latest version is Riposte Application Telemetry which delivers powerful insights on the Riposte Application’s operational performance and user behavior. This new feature harnesses the power of Microsoft Application Insights – part of Azure Monitor – and provides developers and DevOps professionals data and dashboard views of Riposte Application’s operational performance, system health, and user interactions.

Core Infrastructure:
Core infrastructure enhancements​ in Riposte Application 8.4.1 include:

  • Pairing Terminals: Riposte Application 8.4.1 provides the ability to pair a device that is running Riposte Application with a device running Riposte Essential and includes features such as adding or creating paired terminals. Functionality has been added to toggle between the paired devices and maintain separate splash/idle screens for each.
  • Peripheral Sharing with Riposte Essential
    Riposte Application now supports peripheral sharing with a Riposte Essential counter. Four device types are supported which include barcode scanners, scales, receipt printers, and label printers. When combined with the above mentioned “Pairing Terminals” feature, users running Riposte Essential can now pair a device such as an Android tablet running Riposte Application, and that tablet would have the ability to utilize the peripheral devices connected to Essential. Combining these exciting features allows Posts to use the tablet as a customer display unit when the clerk is utilizing the counter, and when the counter unit is not staffed by a clerk, the tablet can function as a self-service device.

User Interface Improvements

  • Mobile UX: Riposte Application 8.4.1 further enhances the application’s mobile user interface with improved support for Android-based tablets, promoting a better self-service user experience for customers.
  • Mobile Retail Stack: To ensure a more intuitive end user experience during self-service transactions, the latest version of Riposte Application also includes improvements to the Retail Stack/Shopping cart on mobile devices, including tablets. This includes enhancing the Retail Stack/Shopping cart for landscape orientation, making the style of the Retail Stack/Shopping cart configurable with improved caret handling and font sizes.

Riposte Shipping:

  • Alternate Dimension View: Riposte Shipping now provides the ability to choose package shape ‘templates’ to identify the size of a shipping item, ensuring shipment details are accurate.
  • Dimensioner Integration: Also included in this version of Riposte Shipping is the ability to integrate directly with a dimensioner peripheral to capture all relevant measurements. Automating the capture of package dimension information decreases transaction times, and further enhances accuracy of shipment details.

Customer Display Unit Enhancements:

  • Idle Mode​ Video or Image Display: Riposte Application 8.4.1 features the ability to schedule and display promotional and other marketing multimedia on Customer Display Units during idle times. Multimedia content can be displayed on the Customer Display Unit when the customer is not directly interacting with the system. Multimedia content that can be displayed includes still images and video, ​and the multimedia is auto-adjusted to fit each unique screen​. Full configuration options are available including duration of image display, timeframes for length of display, as well as the ability to set the order of an image or video for display.

About Riposte

The award-winning Riposte Platform provides Posts with an all-in-one customer engagement solution to support every step of the digital transformation journey. Posts can bypass unnecessary complexity and expense with Riposte and eliminate the trouble of evaluating, purchasing, and integrating multiple solutions. The Riposte Platform comes with out-of-the-box solutions for counter service, mobile integration, data analytics, retail worker onboarding, customer survey generation, taxes, duties & compliance, track & trace, integration of third-party agents, facilitation of a pick-up, drop-off network and more.

About Escher

Escher is transforming postal operators and couriers worldwide, enabling them to engage today’s digitally savvy customers across all points of engagement. With Escher’s unique, purpose-built customer engagement platform, Posts can drive superior customer experience, with greater speed and better economics. With over 35 customers, Escher works with the most innovative Posts in the world. Their largest customer carries 47% of the world’s post. Escher technology is used to serve over a billion citizens with 350,000 points of engagement globally. For more information about Escher, visit


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