Riposte 8.3 & 13.3

Riposte Application 8.3 and Riposte Core 13.3 Now Available 

The latest versions, Riposte Application 8.3 and Riposte Core 13.3 include enhancements to Riposte Shipping, Riposte Assets, updates to the UI, improvements to discounts, refunds and more. 


Riposte Application 8.3 and Riposte Core 13.3 Now Available 

Boston, MA  Dec 10th2020 — Escherthe global leader transforming postal operators and couriers, announceupdates to its award-winning Customer Engagement PlatformRiposte. The latest versions, Riposte Application 8.3 and Riposte Core 13.3 include enhancements to Riposte Shipping, Riposte Assets, updates to the UI, improvements to discounts, refunds and more. 

This latest release continues the momentum of the previous version with further updates to Riposte Shipping, Riposte Assets, and feature updates to Riposte Core,” said Wayne Haubner, Chief Technology Officer at Escher. Additionally, Riposte Application 8.3 now includes new accessibility capabilities and other UI and core infrastructure updates to further enhance the customer experience and further improve post office operations.”  

The latest enhancements for Riposte Application 8.3 include: 

Riposte Shipping: 

  • Standard Rating Engine: The latest version of Riposte provides out-of-the-box management and maintenance of rates, fees, and process flow for Riposte Shipping as an alternative to an external API Service rates are based on standard data capture delivery zones, weight bands, or volumetric weight calculation. Riposte Application 8.3 Rating Engine also supports the fee structure for all standard options and add-on services​. 
  • Enhanced Destination: Riposte Application 8.3 comes with an improved Favorite Destination view, allowing for the display of an additional countries option that will provide a searchable list of destinations. 

Riposte Assets: 

  • Post Office Transfer with Shipping Label​Riposte Assets, which is used to track, manage, and transfer inventory such as cash and stock, now can generate shipping labels to track Post Office transfers.
  • Cost and Sales Price Expansions​Riposte Application 8.3 has been updated to provide cost and sales price in the reports.
  • Stock Count Improvements: New in Riposte Application 8.3 is a Count List using product categoriesIn the previous version, there was a feature that allowed Count Lists to perform a stock balance. In this latest release, upon creation of a Count List, it can now be associated with a product category. All items in that product category are now a Count List that clerks can use to balance stock.

User Interface Enhancements

  • Enhancements to Kiosk User Interface: In Riposte Application 8.3, a number of enhancements have been added to the core product to allow for improved styling and additional button alignments that are now supported outofthebox, allowing for simplified and streamlined configuration instead of more complex customization of the UI. Additionally, a countdown for inactivity timeout has been added​ as well as new accessibility features that allow for text-to-speech and magnification of onscreen elements to be enabled during accessibility modes. 
  • Support for Android Tablets for Counters: New in Riposte Application 8.3 is the introduction of the counter user interface for​ Android-based tablets. Previously, the Counters User Interface only supported Windows. Escher will be further leveraging this new feature in many exciting innovative products in 2021! 

Discounts, Outpayments, and Refunds 

  • Discounts​: Riposte Application 8.3 now supports conditional discounts in products and services (For example Buy two, get one free). 
  • Outpayment​: The new Outpayment Standard Business Application has been introduced in Riposte Application 8.3, which now supports the ability to make outpayments, such as pension payments. 
  • Refunds: Enhancements have been made to give the customer greater flexibility when selecting a refund method, helping to improve the customer experience. 

Other Enhancements

  • Core Infrastructure EnhancementsCore infrastructure enhancements​ in Riposte Application 8.3 include improved usability with a mobile keyboard​. 
  • Alerting (Peripheral Diagnostics): Several features that improve upon the alerting capabilities have been added. Among those enhancements is the ability to support the automated memo notification when an alert is raised. This can be used to notify a clerk or a technician when an unmanned node such as a self-service kiosk needs attention, such as printer paper refill.
  • Delivery ManagementRiposte Application 8.3 now provides scan indications for Mobile PUDO verification​.

Riposte Core 13.3

Also included in this release was an update to Riposte Core 13.3. Riposte Core includes Message Server, Agents/Integration Framework, Deployment Tools, and core APIs. New in Riposte Core 13.3 are expanded Json extracts including additional configuration options such as CSV output and subset filters​, and enhanced support for CBAs​. Deployment and servicing improvements have also been made in this latest version with the addition of agent plugin auto-discovery and default filters​, NRTA ‘migration mode’ to automatically migrate to active-active​, as well as build owned local data. ​
Finally, Riposte Message Server object read audits have been added, as well as convert and insert improvements such as web hook support and scheduled file pull support. 

 About Riposte 

The award-winning Riposte Platform provides Posts with an all-in-one customer engagement solution to support every step of the digital transformation journey. Posts can bypass unnecessary complexity and expense with Riposte and eliminate the trouble of evaluating, purchasing, and integrating multiple solutions. The Riposte Platform comes with out-of-the-box solutions for counter service, mobile integration, data analytics, retail worker onboarding, customer survey generation, integration of third-party agents, facilitation of a pick-up, drop-off network and more. 

About Escher  

Escher is transforming postal operators and couriers worldwide, enabling them to engage today’s digitally savvy customers across all points of engagement. With Escher’s unique, purpose-built customer engagement platform, Posts can drive superior customer experience, with greater speed and better economics. With over 35 customers, Escher works with the most innovative Posts in the world. Their largest customer carries 47% of the world’s post. Escher technology is used to serve over a billion citizens with 350,000 points of engagement globallyFor more information about Escher, visit 


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