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Post&Parcel Live 2020: What to Expect

Post&Parcel Live 2020: What to Expect One of the things we miss most during this

Post&Parcel Live 2020: What to Expect

One of the things we miss most during this time is seeing our customers and industry partners. Luckily, Post&Parcel Live 2020 is happening virtually with participants around the globe.

And if you join us, you will see us answering some of the postal industry’s toughest questions. At the event, we will give a live presentation, as well as host a virtual booth.

You can anticipate us addressing such topics as cross-border shipping challenges and of course ways to leverage the latest advances in AI. If that doesn’t excite you, the cost will – the event is free with registration!

Whether you have burning questions for our team or wish to watch, register now. Post and Parcel Live takes place on June 17th — 18th, meaning time is running out.

The Challenges of Cross-Border Shipping

Today, Posts are serving a globalized delivery market. By 2022, 22 percent of physical e-commerce products will be shipped across borders, and this need will only continue to grow.

However, international shipments cause confusion regarding the required documentation, confusion around shipping restrictions, issues for Posts who don’t have the ability to screen all recipients for denied party status, landing cost sticker shock and many other roadblocks that ultimately lead to process inefficiencies and a decrease in the overall customer experience.

So be sure to watch our presentation to understand the best approach to navigate these issues and come out ahead.

How Do You Watch Our Presentation?

Viewing our presentation couldn’t be easier than it is now. In fact, you’ll probably have the best view of us over any other appearance.

All you need to do is register now for the event with your name and email. Other than that, the entire conference is free to those attending.

You can watch us, as well as over 25 other knowledgeable experts from around the world. And that includes our own VP of Sales EMEA, Kevin Seller.

Time is running out, and the event will be here before you know it. Be sure to register now for a hassle-free virtual expo later.

Visit Our Booth

Like in-person events, Escher is hosting a virtual booth for you to visit. There, you can meet us and ask any questions you have.

We’re excited to be joining you as well as other industry enthusiasts. Whether you missed our presentation or have more to learn, visit us.

This is a rare chance to speak with some of our most knowledgeable team members. From general inquiries to specific questions, we’ll do our best to take them all.

Having a virtual conference is shaping up to be one of the most exciting ones yet. Make sure you don’t miss out on meeting Escherschedule a meeting with us now!


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