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Escher Launches Riposte Customer Engagement Platform

Boston, MA – 13th March 2020 — Escher, the global leader transforming postal operators and couriers, today

Boston, MA – 13th March 2020 — Escher, the global leader transforming postal operators and couriers, today announced the launch of a new version of its award-winning Riposte Customer Engagement Platform. The key themes of this release deliver innovation, user experience, and customer satisfaction. 

Posts need to prepare for competition from Amazon, now describing itself as a transport and logistics company. In Q3 2019, USPS reported a volume decline in package shipments due to “intense competition” from “major customers.” Amazon is actively investing in last-mile technology and infrastructure and in 2019, they delivered half of their own packages in the US. Despite spending $10 billion on shipping in Q4 2019, their desire to own the last mile is not solely for cost reduction; Amazon is also keen to control the overall customer experience.

“Posts are facing more competition today than ever before and they recognize that to compete they need to execute three distinct strategies. They need to change their cost structures from fixed to variable so that they can offer better pricing. Furthermore, Posts must meet the customer where they want to be – not necessarily in the Post Office. Finally, Posts need to deliver excellence in customer service to maintain their market leadership as consumers now have greater choice,” commented Nick Manolis, CEO Escher Group. “This Riposte release delivers extensive functionality directly impacting Posts’ ability to deliver on customer-centricity and service, which support Posts’ strategic imperatives.”

“We have invested over $100 million on research and development in order to deliver innovation, efficiency, and value for our customers,” commented Wayne Haubner, CTO Escher Group. “Built on our world-class messaging framework, Riposte Core, this release continues to build out modular architecture, delivering faster business value and decreasing the cost and time of implementation.”

Building on over 30 years of Postal experience, the Riposte platform unprecedented breadth and depth of functionality specifically designed to meet the needs of global postal operators, including:

  • Standard Applications –introducing solutions that include industry best practice configuration options and also offer extensibility points. A few highlights include:
    • Delivery Management – encompasses both PUDO (Pick Up, Drop Off) and package management – this solution enables a PUDO network to be set up efficiently and with minimum technical investment. Features include package location, process package refusal, return to sender, verification of delivery restrictions, track and trace synchronization, expirations and payment collection.
    • Assets – robust offering of cash and stock management features that include support for internal and external (Post Office-to-Post Office) transfers, order management and stock counts. The application can be configured in a variety of ways to support a multitude of customer requirements.
  • Customer Service – delivering compelling user and customer experience helps to speed up customer service and drive engagement:
    • User Experience – Standard out of the box user interface, that can be either themed or customized, offering a more engaging experience.
    • Customer Experience – Gather valuable customer feedback through surveys, delivering actionable insights to Posts with enhanced capabilities to engage the customer via a secondary customer-facing display
  • Technical Innovations
    • New Core Infrastructure Features – including tighter control over product availability based on availability set matrixes, a notifications interface that allows important messages with built-in actions to be front and center, and a scoped data feature that allows the ability to present distinct data across each channel. 
    • Standardized Integrations to Extend Functionality – such as simplifying the integration with market-leading ERP vendors, while giving control over stock as a standalone system within an office.

Riposte’s open architecture ensures Posts are not locked into specific components, services, technical architecture or hardware. The solution easily integrates with existing applications, peripherals, and systems and can quickly expand to adapt to new services, markets, business models, and technologies. 

About Escher 

Escher is transforming postal operators and couriers worldwide, enabling them to engage today’s digitally savvy customers across all points of engagement. With Escher’s unique, purpose-built customer engagement platform, Posts can drive superior customer experience, with greater speed and better economics. With over 40 customers, Escher works with the most innovative Posts in the world, their largest customer carries 47% of the world’s post. Escher technology is used to serve over a billion citizens with 350,000 points of engagement globally. For more information about Escher, visit


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