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Locker Management System

Expand your points of service and accelerate ROI with Escher’s Open Locker Management System.

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FREE yourself from hardware providers, and get total control over your locker network

Escher open cloud-based Locker Management System (LMS) rapidly expands service offerings and creates a frictionless user and end-user (customer) experience without locking you in a single hardware provider or limiting form or function.


A mosaic of hardware and functionality, controlled by one powerful platform

Escher’s open LMS connects a variety of independent locker management tools into one easy-to-use cloud-based locker management platform.

Browse and search

Realtime Visibility

With an unobstructed view over parcels moving through your entire network, Escher LMS offers greater transparency over deliveries, leading to greater trust and customer experiences for recipients.

Unified control

Unified Control

Like a conductor conducting an orchestra, Escher’s open hardware agnostic LMS platform creates harmony between disparate technologies to reduce hardware lock-in and improve ROI by negating the need for expensive and unnecessary integrations.

Profitability Possibilities

Profitability Possibility's

Escher’s open LMS affords the carrier the option to manage their own software. Meaning they have total control over their locker real estate and are free to generate new revenue streams by renting out their lockers to third parties.


Imagine what it would mean to your customers if you gave them total control over their deliveries.

The benefits of end-to-end total control over your locker network do not stop at the carrier level. Parcel delivery that conforms to end-users giving them greater visibility and control over their delivery experiences, creates satisfaction and, more importantly, loyalty.

Increase speed of manual processing

Convenience & Satisfaction

Escher open LMS gives a carrier total control over end-to-end delivery, which not only reduces failed delivery rates and shortens delivery lead-times, but also improves customers satisfaction by enabling them to contour their deliveries around busy schedules.

Float management

Organic Growth

In addition to the possibility of sharing or renting out your locker network, carriers can also profit from greater demands for reverse logistics solutions. The control Escher’s open LMS gives you over your locker network, parcel induction (returns) is straightforward and easy to mange.

Lower TCO

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Another advantage of Escher’s open LMS is that it creates competition among hardware suppliers. The greater agency over your network will help lower costs on a per-locker or per-parcel basis.


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