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A nossa plataforma de software exclusiva impulsiona a entrega de encomendas em todo o mundo, desde o envio até ao consumidor final, ajudando as empresas postais, de retalho, de transporte e de logística a conectarem cerca de mil milhões de consumidores através de redes globais de comércio eletrónico.

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Three S’s of Trusted Post Office Technology: Security, Scalability, and Stability

Three S’s of Trusted Post Office Technology: Security, Scalability, and Stability The Universal Service Obligation

Three S’s of Trusted Post Office Technology: Security, Scalability, and Stability

The Universal Service Obligation (USO) can put Posts in a bind. Case in point: Posts have to deliver a baseline level of service to everyone in their region, but letter mail volumes have been falling since 2007

Continue with business as usual…when business isn’t coming in like usual? 

As the saying goes, “Something’s gotta give.”

If Posts play their cards right, that “something” doesn’t have to be them. Chances are, your Post is already in the process of ramping up its digital capabilities to better serve tomorrow’s markets. But if you want an omni-channel service strategy, introduce new applications, and manage postal deliveries more profitably, your Post needs a customer engagement platform designed with the future in mind. More specifically, you need a solid platform that offers:

● Security

● Scalability

● Stability

Why Security?

Sixty-eight percent of business leaders say their cybersecurity risks are increasing, but managing them is easier said than done. Cybersecurity requires a dynamic team that approaches the task proactively, not just reactively. In 2019, 60 percent of cyber breaches were due to unaddressed vulnerabilities. 

But even if posts have the budget to hire these workers, they’re hard to find. By 2021, there will be an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity vacancies. Cybersecurity expertise is an important factor to consider – regardless of whether you buy or build your customer engagement platform – and if you choose to buy, who to work with. 

Why Scalability?

Scalability is mission critical because you’ve got short-term scalability needs (e.g. peak delivery season) and long-term scalability needs (e.g. overall business growth). 

You need an enterprise system that can manage both. With a scalable underlying platform, your Post can rapidly onboard retail partners, like convenience stores and drug stores, to serve as pick up, drop off locations. 

Over the long term, a scalable system helps Posts avoid the expensive cost of building a brand new in-house IT system. This is important since Posts need to move away from a fixed-cost model and towards a variable-cost model. 


Finally, posts need a stable solution. Posts manage countless transactions every day across an extensive network of post offices. Customers, post business leaders, and sub-operators need to trust that the system works accurately. In addition, all of these stakeholders need confidence in the system’s business continuity during a disruption like a natural disaster.

Interested in learning the specifics of a secure, scalable, and stable postal IT system? 




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