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The Evolving Customer Experience in Post and Parcel Delivery

The Evolving Customer Experience in Post and Parcel Delivery   Global eCommerce is continuing to

The Evolving Customer Experience in Post and Parcel Delivery


Global eCommerce is continuing to expand each year. By 2022, analysts project e-retail revenues will soar to $6.54 trillion, according to Statista. This expansion is increasingly transcending traditional boundaries and international borders. As a result, customers are expecting more from their experience.

Customer Experience: From Retail to Recipient

Today, the lines between the retail and delivery aspects of the customer journey are increasingly blurred. What many posts are learning is that understanding the entirety of the customer experience, from retail to recipient, is paramount to increasing their customer satisfaction.

With increasing competition in the parcel delivery landscape, continually improving customer satisfaction is an important aspect for posts looking to grow their parcels business. By understanding customer behavior and expectations, posts can start to determine what steps they need to take to enhance customer experience and provide value to the time they spend at the post office.

Capturing Customer Experience With Technology

At Escher, our focus is to help posts begin capturing the customer’s perception and experience at the moment of the retail transaction or interaction. This allows us to gain insight into the customer experience at the moment it occurs. From here, using a combination of AI, machine learning, and analytics, we are able to create actionable intelligence including matching up point of sale information to other data points such as customer satisfaction ratings. Then, with a more complete picture, postal operators can utilize this data to enhance their customer’s experience.

This approach also allows posts to accurately determine and forecast ROI. It also allows posts to pinpoint any problems in the business that need to be addressed. Identifying training opportunities, operational gaps in efficiency and service, and more are now made much easier.

Additionally, it’s easy to focus on the retail/point-of-interaction experience. However, this entails focusing solely on the sender of the parcel. To understand the entire customer experience journey, the path a parcel takes to its recipient, as well as the experience of the recipient of the parcel are also crucial points of consideration.

Escher has been taking steps to ensure packages can be shipped from the post to the recipient in as seamless a manner possible. Reducing wait times or unexpected costs due to international shipping should be an increasing focus of all parcel delivery companies. Through Escher’s partnership with Hurricane, a global leader in international compliance, posts are able to calculate costs, including additional taxes or duties. Using our solution, posts can account for regulated or restricted items as well, which ultimately enables posts to prevent cross-border delays. It also allows posts to accurately calculate costs, including additional taxes or duties, so that these costs may be paid up front by the shipper, or anticipated on the recipient’s side. Considering that 22 percent of e-commerce physical products will be shipped across borders by 2022, according to Statista, this is an area that posts are increasingly looking at to help maintain an outstanding customer experience.

Parcel Volume

Post offices and parcel delivery companies are well aware of the increase in options which customers have for their shipments. As a result, additional focus should be given to improving or enhancing the customer’s overall experience.

At Escher, our focus on offering a value-driven system is in large part due to the interconnected nature between customer experience and parcel volume. Posts which excel in the latter typically enjoy an increase in the former.

In order to excel in their efforts to accumulate a larger percentage of the global eCommerce parcel volume, posts who prioritize customer experience at all stages are in a better position for success than their peers.

To learn more, listen to the Postal Hub Podcast featuring Nick Manolis, CEO of Escher, as he shares his perspectives on data, the posts office, cross-border shipments, customer experience, and more.


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