Escher, The Future of Posts 2022

The Future of Posts 2022

Winning the New Delivery Game.


The Future of Posts 2022

Winning the New Delivery Game

As 2021 has allowed the postal industry to overcome and adapt to global changes, this year brings new obstacles — the challenge of redefining the norm. Customer behaviors and expectations are still evolving and will require continual monitoring and response from all Posts.

In Escher’s fifth annual edition of the Future of Posts report, 91 national postal operators worldwide, including 284 respondents, have provided insights into their operating methods, including key investment areas, automation strategies, point-of-sales channel selections, and future network plans. The survey began as governments across the globe were executing return-to-work plans and concluded after the conflict in Eastern Europe began. This backdrop has no doubt influenced the business priorities of postal operators.

In our Future of Posts 2022 report, you’ll discover:

  • The top investments priorities for Posts over the next three years
  • The five main cost reduction initiatives across retail and delivery networks
  • The top three revenue-making initiatives for Posts in 2022
  • Areas where Posts are best utilizing data analytics
  • The most profitable POS channel enhancing priority
  • and so much more!

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