Escher, The Future of Posts 2022

The Future of Posts 2022 is coming!

Winning the New Delivery Game. RESERVE your copy now.

The Future of Posts 2022

Winning the New Delivery Game

We’re weeks away from releasing our highly anticipated Future of Posts 2022 report. This will be our fifth annual edition and this year’s results are truly noteworthy!

Be among the first to see the report that contains insights from 84 national postal operators from around the world!

What to expect in the Future of Posts report

Last year the Future of Posts report revealed insights into Posts’ operating methods, key areas of investment, automation strategies, point-of-sale channel selections, future network plans and more. In the previous report we learned:

  • 73% of Posts were focused on automation over the next 12 months
  • E-commerce parcels was the main growth opportunity within postal services
  • Digital transformation was the top investment priority during the next one to three years.
  • Real-time tax and duty estimation as well as transit times were cited as the greatest obstacles to cross-border e-commerce growth.

How do these compare to this year’s results? What’s top of mind for postal operators in 2022?

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