Items can be found anytime, anywhere. Instant information and visibility into the supply chain for eCommerce and logistics businesses.

Full-Service Logistics Solution

Allows customers to access a full suite of software to enhance their eCommerce and logistics capabilities.

Uniquely Coded Items

Each item logged is issued with a unique code which can be printed and placed on the package to track it through its journey.

Real-Time Information

Information about each uniquely coded item is automatically updated online as it passes through distribution streams.

Status Updates

Provides automated status updates on items as they are checked through touchpoints.

Resolve Distribution Issues

Misdirected items are easily identified and missing items are quickly located.

Offer Flexibility

Customers can make changes to delivery addresses and times.

Immediate Answers

Customers can find out who signed for an item, who delivered it and at what time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Escher ensures that all physical deliveries reach their intended destination within their intended timeframe.