The RiposteKiosk self-service solution provides a multi-channel platform for evolving retail environments.

Transaction Management

Based on the Riposte messaging infrastructure, the modular RiposteKiosk design provides self-service applications for multiple transaction types: letter and parcel acceptance and postage, stamp sale, bill payments, self-checkout, government services and more.

Customizable User Interface

Define all kiosk user interface elements. Apply themes and skins to the start page, touch screens, and keyboards to align with branding guidelines, and adhere to accessibility guidelines for visually impaired customers.

Universal Kiosk Integration

RiposteKiosk works in any self-service kiosk environment.

Accept Payments

Pay bills, fines, licences from different service providers, top-up payment cards, purchase postage stamps, packaging, and labels. RiposteKiosk includes cash acceptors, credit card readers and credit card payment gateways.

Devices and Peripherals

Integrate with scales, label dispensers, barcode readers, post and receipt printers; supports card payments via a secure interface with touch pad devices; optional cash-in/cash-out hardware components for coin and notes settlement. Compliant with OPOS (OLE for Retail POS) standards.

Rapid Deployment

Low technological footprint supports a number of deployment options including thin client and smart client modes of operation, as well as push-and-pull modes of access to content.

Platform Integration

Integrate with legacy POS systems to extend customer service capabilities. Leverage existing retail investments to extend your service offering at minimal cost. Integrates internal and external products and services onto a single platform. Supports XML, HTML, HTTP, FTP, ODBC, SQL, Windows Communication Foundation and WS Star.

Modular Framework

Standard modules ensure the deployment of stable and intuitive self-service applications to support digital transformation goals, minimize manual transactions, and reduce the total cost of ownership.


The .NET Object Model provides development teams with an object-oriented programming interface to the messaging infrastructure. Provides an open environment for application development using SOAP and Web Services for data exchange.

Minimal Administration

Automated processes coordinate price and product updates, schedule backups, and restore operations. Active replication reduces manual resource requirements.

Customer Service

To help organizations exceed rising customer expectations, RiposteKiosk extends service availability and expand service capacity, reduces customer wait time, improves transaction times, thereby increasing transaction volumes.

Design Studio

Design, develop and deploy RiposteKiosk applications with this configurable development environment.



Pauline Kenna, Director of Digital Services speaking about how Escher's Omni-Channel strategy is empowering customers to offer a wider variety of products and services across every touch point.