Escher Group’s digital transaction management (DTM) product, RiposteTrEx™, offers a secure framework for organizations to securely digitize communications and time-consuming paper-based transaction processes.

Document Management

RiposteTrEx™ provides a digital location for organizations and defined communities to access, share and process documents. As a cloud-based solution, RiposteTrEx™ allows a few or many contributors to input into an open or closed transaction process, from any channel or device without losing data or fidelity.

Automate Workflow

RiposteTrEx™ standardizes and automates digital transactions so that workflow can be more easily controlled and enforced. Workflow can be configured as required and ensure the right contributors become involved at the correct time, utilizing eSignatures to securely replace physical signatures, to speed up transaction throughput.

Truly Digital Transactions

With RiposteTrEx™ communications, application processes and documentation are originated, completed and delivered entirely in electronic form removing the need for any document to ever be physically mailed or printed. This allows key applications and cloud-based document sources to be effortlessly integrated.

Administration Settings

Organizations can manage communications, transactions, document processes, users, reports and security levels. They can choose the level of security required for individual documents or entire communications. This includes different levels of log-in and identity assurance. Secure online identity provides identity proofing for all participants.

Compliance Capabilities

A real-time view of the communication, document or transaction status is always available. Changes are automatically recorded so that any questions can be answered quickly and a report provided. This provides a tamper-proof audit trail that meets evidentiary standards and is admissible in court proceedings.

Enquiry Channels

Contributors can send digital mail, share information, ask questions or request follow up to a transaction or document on dedicated open or closed-loop social media forums.

Intelligent Transaction Software

With secure online identities, information can be intelligently populated and validated to improve transaction processing times. Any evidential documentation submitted once is stored in a digital locker to be used again, removing the need to verify information multiple times. 

Payment Processing

Using Escher's eMoney, an eCommerce function to take payment can be added either at application stage or at the end of the transaction.

Flexible Templates

Digital forms can be selected from a wide range of pre-designed templates which are easily modified and fields can be added as required.  Organizations can share templates amongst themselves to reduce duplication of effort.

Visit our Licensing and Permitting site for details on how RiposteTrEx is being implemented in a government and citizen engagement context.