RiposteEssential™ is the industry standard in Post Office software for Point of Service solutions. With consumers expecting businesses and organizations to offer more services and information, Escher Group is delivering a single tool to make this happen.

Integrated Front Office and Back Office

Provides immediate and detailed access to multiple retail and financial transactions. This way Post Offices can meet and respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Fully Automated Stock Management

With easy integration into supply chain management systems, stock remittance, stock transfer and stock balance can be managed at each outlet.

Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM)

PLM allows customers to manage their products and gain detailed insight into their lifecycle. It can support the planning of discount pricing and can create test environments to examine how a product might perform when it goes live.

Reporting and Reconciliation

All transactions across a defined network are recorded centrally making reconciliation easy to manage. A built-in accounting function manages financial data and integrates with general ledger systems. Reports are available at all times, in real time, so that customers can make immediate adjustments.

Consumer Engagement

With detailed insight into buying habits, purchasing peaks and valleys can be anticipated. Customer engagement initiatives, such as discount campaigns, price changes and promotions, can be planned well in advance.

Settlement/Shopping Basket

Escher's customers can reconcile the sale of multiple products and service types into a single end transaction, pulling from a single stock source. Third-party and agency payments are automatically processed and assigned correctly. A wide range of payment methods are offered.


RiposteEssential™ works on any channel, any device and on any operating system. Business can be taken to customers and transactions can move from one channel to another without losing information or fidelity.

Third-Party Integration

A wide range of services and products can be offered from a single point of service (POS). RiposteEssential™ Post Office software supports the integration of third-party applications, such as financial services and mobile top-ups, while ensuring that data integrity and security are maintained.

Retail Management

RiposteEssential™ is a comprehensive and powerful retail management solution. It is a configurable, multi-functional and scalable software that is used in the most demanding transaction environments worldwide.