Integrate data and applications across cloud, mobile, device, kiosk, and on-premises environments—with Riposte.


The messaging infrastructure provides a platform for XML messaging, distribution, and storage capabilities, enabling applications to connect and scale. By combining messaging and data management into a single package, application development and the operations of distributed transaction-processing networks are simplified.


Accelerates and simplifies integration of applications, products, services and business data across diverse platforms and on multiple environments: on-premises, mobile, cloud and IoT. Supports a variety of standards and protocols: XML, SOAP, REST, HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP, JSON, ODBC, SQL, WCF, WS.


The Message Server .NET Object Model provides development teams with an object-oriented programming interface to the messaging infrastructure. Riposte provides an open environment for application development using SOAP and Web Services for data exchange.

Network Optimization

Highly configurable tools evaluate the network’s quality of service, optimize connection performance and configure different installations: Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, mobile and satellite.


The peer-to-peer messaging model eliminates licenses and hardware fees, thus reducing ongoing maintenance costs.


As a self-managing solution, Riposte automatically performs backup, recovery, audit, security, data organization, configuration management and performance tuning.

Distributed Installations

Riposte messaging acts as a data transport system for distributed networks, replicating service and transaction information to every workstation within an outlet. The replication model supports both online and asynchronous transactions allowing for high-volume, fault-tolerant, distributed transaction processing. 

Online Installations

Riposte can work in an on-line mode, supporting real-time transaction processing. It provides failover and load balancing support, shares the processing workload in a clustered Message Server environment, and simultaneously provides redundancy standby protection.


Security is based on a defense-in-depth architecture and implemented on every level: user authorization, message authentication and digital signatures. The Message Server checks every message to verify security compliance, thus preventing interference or tampering.

Audit Trail

The scope of the audit trail includes all transactions and events. Riposte uses a message-based approach to manage data, system status, and other communications across the network. Each message is self-describing, uniquely identifiable and immutable.


Riposte supports a number of deployment options including thin client and smart client modes of operation, as well as push-and-pull modes of access to content.

Data Protection

Automatic backups reduce personnel, software and support costs. Workstations recover from each other automatically. In complete local failures, data is recovered from the data center. Synchronization with the data center occurs automatically without manual intervention once connectivity is re-established.