PostPort is an online, non-downloadable computer software sold by Escher Group that provides users with information pertaining to the delivery of parcels.

Postport Web App.JPG

With PostPort, every user has their own web page. The web page informs users of essential details surrounding a parcel delivery, whether they are the sender or the recipient.


Users are given a description and digital image of mail pieces being delivered. The personal tracking and tracing system informs users about specifics of their packages without having to contact the sender, the recipient or postal company separately. These specifics can include expected delivery date, current location, final destination, etc. Additionally, PostPort can link other information to the delivery status, such as payment history or credit card information to provide users with confirmation of a completed transaction.


Within the personal webpage, users are able to manage their My Profile in order to access delivery and payment options, privacy controls and other account management options. Users are able to do so using their personal post code. Users are also able to access the following free services:

  • My Mail- offers the ability to track incoming mail and parcels
  • Virtual Post Office- allows users to send mail, purchase postage, mail supplies and tickets
  • Network Banking- enables users to pay bills and manage their accounts
  • Directory Services- helps users find business or people



There are multiple benefits of the PostPort software compared to that of prior methods used to gain mailing information. These benefits include:

  • Convenience of having all relevant information on one webpage.
  • Efficiency of being able to purchase all mail necessities from one online location.
  • Users are thoroughly informed about their parcels from point A to point B.
  • Users do not need identifying numbers for items they are mailing or receiving. They can view this information on their personal web page.