Escher Group’s iMobility software provides a solution for the handling of transactions that span across different channels on a point of service network.

One View

When a transaction is started, a unique transaction identity is created. This becomes the key reference point for all channels, to allow the transaction to travel, or ‘float’, across any point of service, prior to being completed.

Floating Transactions

Our iMobility software enables customer transactions to be transferred between different points of service – retail counters, desktops, self-service devices, mobile devices and web portals. Partially complete transactions are automatically recorded so that they can be securely retrieved from another location, by another contributor and in another format without losing fidelity.


Consumer applications support both anonymous and registered users. If a user registers, it allows consumers to pre-fill certain fields such as name, address or other personal details for future reuse, which encourages repeat use and solidifies engagement.

Identify, Retrieve and Progress Transactions

Transactions in progress can be searched for using specific criteria. Once located, a transaction can be retrieved, progressed and completed. 

Transaction Lifecycle Management

For efficient lifecycle management, all transactions in progress can be viewed. Incomplete transactions that have passed beyond their time limit for completion can be retired or followed up for completion.

Access for Third Parties

iMobility functionality is accessible to third-party solutions. Additional channels, products or services can be easily integrated and an audit trail is recorded.

Notifications and Alerts

Organizations can set criteria for receiving alerts for specific events: assistance requested, required customer identification, when a transaction is taking longer than expected or when identified customers are performing transactions. Security notifications for high value transactions can also be set.

Supporting Wi-Fi Equipped Devices

A specifically designed app enables transactions to be supported on multiple devices. This includes tablets, smartphones and other portable devices carried by staff members, where floating transactions can be retrieved and completed.


One View of Retail. The Customer Centric Omni-Channel Retail Solution    

Retail operations have been transformed by mobile and digital technologies. Opportunities to track the customer journey have never been more abundant, or more complicated. Escher Group's One View Retail solution has packaged everything it takes to manage the customer journey.