Enterprise Mobile Software that enables secure logistics, scanning and postal transactions on any platform or device.

Retail Transactions

Reconcile multiple sales and services into a single transaction. Manage mails, parcel acceptance/pick-up, and retail transactions from any mobile device. Scan or enter barcodes using keypad or touchscreen, validate parcel IDs, and send Track & Trace events to backend systems.

Financial Transactions

Manage bill payment and money orders including letter and parcel fees. Define transaction type, destination, mail type, amount, then add to basket, pay, and print receipts. Recipients can also select insurance, restricted delivery and return receipts services.

Platform Independent

MobileRiposte is platform independent: iOS, Android, Windows. Define a transaction once and apply it across various different platforms and devices. Replication protects against data loss.

Device Agnostic

Deploy across a wide range of mobile channels and devices including Motorola, iPhone, iPad, Dell tablet and Android devices. Integrates with barcode readers, label printers, and card readers.


Offers multi-level security to ensure data integrity, device usage, and application access. Securely deliver financial, retail and in-store transactions across a range of mobile devices.

Offline Capabilities

MobileRiposte works even if the system loses network connectivity. Stay productive regardless of network interruptions and unexpected outages. Presence-related features detect the connection state and recognize when a device is online or offline.

Signature Capture

Capture and digitize signatures. Enable customers to authorize transactions, confirm delivery, and make payments. Capture the customer’s signature on the device’s touchscreen, for example, when delivering parcels. MobileRiposte stores the signature with the transaction details.


Generate daily transactions, accepted items, and delivered items reports. Configurable report highlight the total number of transactions, and line item details, such as blistered stamps, stamp denomination, insurance, VAT, and VAT-exempt. 


Setup, define, and configure device, peripheral, and other settings. Multiple language capabilities.



Seamus Yendole, Vice President of Sales on Postal Counter Automation   

Seamus Yendole, Vice President of sales at Escher speaking about Escher's trademark software RiposteEssential.