With the need for physical currency being replaced with electronic cash, Escher Group’s eMoney solution offers a cutting-edge system that manages your digital currency.

Complete eMoney Solution

Retailers, governments, corporations or consumers can offer a number of ways to pay or receive money using a prepaid card, eWallet, unique ID or biometric information. Escher's eMoney solution manages electronic cash such as benefit payments (unemployment, retirement, etc.), deposits and receipts in a single, secure digital location.

Multi-Function Accounts

Escher’s eMoney solutions support many functions that can be used together such as payments, gift cards, receipts, ID and loyalty through a wide range of channels such as the counter, kiosks, ATMs, online or mobile.

Secure Identification

Security for an eMoney account can be provided by multiple methods including PIN number, biometric data such as a fingerprint, password protection or unique IDs.

Disposable or Reloadable

eMoney accounts can either be issued with a defined stored value that is used once and discarded, such as gift cards, or alternatively an electronic account topped up for repeated payments such as pay-as-you-go or government benefit payments.

Notifications and Balances

Customers can receive notifications such as when Escher eMoney accounts are topped up or when deposits are made. Balances are viewed online. Top-up cards and eWallets can be loaded with the entire digital value or a portion of it.

Government Payments

Escher’s eMoney solutions are ideal payments for eGovernment or other organizations.  Governments can utilize this product for a secure way to move from physical cash, minimizing error, streamlining payments and safeguarding transactions.

Multi-Tenant Platform

Escher’s eMoney solutions can enable inter-organizational or single-organizational payments where stored value is collected and payments can be made with either a group or a singular institution.

Merchant and Customer Management

With every eMoney account identified by a unique number code, eMoney accounts can either be registered to an individual or remain anonymous. Accounts and transactions can be managed at a top level and data is provided on cards, registered account holders and schemes.

Allowable Goods

eMoney accounts can be used to limit purchases to certain types of goods, services and products. It can also be used to restrict the use of funds to a defined group of merchants, geographical locations, specific times or individual stores.



Fionnuala Higgins, CCO at Escher speaking about Escher's eMoney platform which provides organizations with an easy to use, secure and reliable way to manage their digital currency.