Document Management

Escher’s digital document management solutions are supporting organizations in going paperless.


We provide digital document management solutions that enable businesses to securely transmit, store and sign electronic documents. Modern working practices mean that paperwork is going digital. Organizations need to be able to access and process documents from any location, at any time and on any device.

With our document management solutions, we are giving businesses the power to do this. Customers and employees can access documents online and complete paperwork digitally. This includes managing workflow so that internal documents are processed correctly and facilitating electronic signatures. This is speeding up business processes, reducing costs, eliminating loss of documents and providing enormous flexibility.

Intelligent Hybrid Mail

Escher’s intelligent hybrid mail solution manages the distribution of secure one-to-many communications, such as regular bulk mail. At a time when businesses are looking to transition customers away from receiving physical mail to accepting electronic mail, Escher’s solution enables businesses to manage the transformation process from physical to digital while satisfying customers' needs, allowing them to choose which method works best for them.

Our software determines the delivery method of each document per the recipient’s choice. If registered to receive electronic mail, recipients are informed when mail is available to view in a digital mail box. Registered users then access mail in a digital locker where it can either be physically printed, viewed or downloaded. If registered to receive physical mail, recipients receive paper mail in the standard mail process of their region.

A major benefit of our intelligent hybrid mail solution is that it enables businesses to cut down on paper waste, printing expense and mailing costs. The solution also allows organizations to track delivery and non-delivery of electronic and physical items, while personal data can be updated more easily to ensure mail is received.


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