Consumer Engagement

With Escher’s consumer engagement solutions, businesses can digitally interact meaningfully with their consumers – strengthening brand loyalty and driving customer retention.

Escher’s solutions provide your customers with an enriched experience at any service touchpoint. Whether they choose to connect from a mobile device, online, in-store or at a self-service kiosk, your customer can always be connected to your products and services through Escher’s consumer engagement solutions.



Understanding customers’ buying habits, likes and dislikes can make all the difference to a successful consumer engagement program. Our solutions make it possible for retailers to use captured information to offer consumers products and services that they want, when they want. With data analytics, retailers can easily carry out consumer segmentation so that campaigns target specific individuals, demographic groups, locations or times.

Our powerful back office data analytics allow retailers to monitor the success of a campaign precisely by tracking redemptions and purchasing behavior. Retailers can then use the information to tailor future marketing initiatives.

Coupon Management

With our mobile coupon management software, retailers can design, publish and distribute discount coupons. Mobile coupons target consumers wherever they are and can be distributed via SMS, email, social media and Wi-Fi networks. Every coupon is trackable and is automatically validated when redeemed. With better redemption rates than paper coupons, Escher’s mobile coupon management software gives retailers the power to grow sales, increase footfall and capture consumer behavior data.


For many businesses, loyalty schemes come in the form of plastic reward cards which fit into a wallet. While offering many advantages, loyalty cards compete alongside many others in a consumer’s wallet and are often abandoned or rejected. From a business perspective, the card fails to capture any information about the consumer. Our digital loyalty solutions are paving a more compelling way to keep your customers coming back time and time again. Escher’s online and mobile solutions allow organizations of all sizes to design, execute and monitor digital loyalty programs. 

Businesses can offer consumers a single repository for loyalty “cards” in the form of a mobile app so that their loyalty “card” stays with them wherever they go. This has the business benefit of logging all transactions so that consumer behavior is better understood. With the increased penetration of smartphones, targeted marketing campaigns can be pushed directly to consumers’ pockets to attract repeat business. This can be offered through a multitude of channels to match the ways consumers are increasingly interacting with brands and buying goods: online, on mobile and through tools such as Geo-fencing, iBeacons, Near Field Communication and QR Codes. Campaigns can include time-limited offers, additional reward points, introducing friends and much more. 


Our pre-paid eMoney accounts give retailers the ability to offer electronic gift cards or vouchers.

In replacing their paper counterparts, eGift vouchers have a higher chance of being redeemed as they reflect the way customers now shop. eGift cards have the added benefit of attracting new customers and increasing brand awareness if given out as a promotion and can increase satisfaction with your current customer base if given out as a reward. For retailers, electronic pre-paid accounts serve to boost cash, particularly around busy retailing times like the holidays. Consumers can use the account when they want, subject to any expiry dates, giving them ultimate flexibility and making purchasing choices easy.


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