Banking Automation

Escher’s solutions offer a perfect combination of front office banking automation and functionality.

At a time when retail banks are looking to strengthen customer relationships and become highly responsive to their needs, Escher’s solutions offer a perfect combination of front office banking automation and consumer engagement functionality.

Banking Automation

Escher has delivered automation solutions that enable complex financial transactions worldwide for the last 25 years. Our solutions easily integrate with existing banking infrastructure as well as support front office functionality, reporting (RiposteEssentialTM), accounting and are integrated with central banking systems. They are highly scalable and offer extremely reliable point of service solutions that encompass a broad range of financial products. This includes teller automation, financial transaction processing, foreign exchange, investment services and customer account management.

Adding new in-house or third-party products and services is straightforward. Our solutions also have the capability of managing loyalty and consumer engagement schemes that serve to increase footfall and promote product initiatives. For improved customer experience, self-service options can be deployed through kiosks or ATMs. Banking staff can offer additional support away from the counter via handheld tablets, reducing queuing times.

Escher’s Banking Automation solution features built-in accounting functionality. With the ability to process millions of transactions per day, organizations are also able to track everything about their business, including reconciliation, payments, stock, third party compensation and more.

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