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How Mobile drives success for Posts in the eCommerce era


How Mobile drives success for Posts in the eCommerce era

Businesses are operating in an era where customers have access to the world at their fingertips from their mobile devices, putting pressure on companies to play catch-up to evolving
expectations. The ‘always-on’ consumer commands greater access to products and more agile service. Posts are seeing this play out as eCommerce is beginning to position itself as a linchpin to global economics.

Postal Operators have increasingly sought to create a digitally empowered ecosystem across the supply chain – from transport to last-mile delivery – to support the increased strain on resources that the trend brings.

PostExtending the footprint of Posts is key to narrowing



  • Introduction to mobile for Posts
  • Industry trends and market challenges facing Posts
  • Making the case for Mobile Postal Solutions
  • How mobile fits into the future of Posts
  • Benefits of mobile for Postal Operators
  • Benefits of mobile for Postal employee and Agent Network partners
  • Benefits of mobile for Postal consumers
  • Why Escher?

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