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POS Channels

What POS Channels are Posts currently using?  What channels are postal operators looking to invest in over the coming years?

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POS Channels

POS Channels

According to Escher’s Future of Posts 2020, 42% of Postal operators plan to add a Self Service Kiosk (SSK) within the next year. Expanding their POS channels further the same number of operators (42%) also plan to invest in mobile app development over the same period. Taking a longer view 48% of respondents plan to invest in the PUDO networks, and 31% are gearing up to add In-store mPOS solutions to their networks over the coming five years.

While counters remain the primary POS channel for Postal operators (98%), the adjustments people have made, and are continuing to make because of the global pandemic means all Posts short and long term plans are very much subject to change.

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