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Why Leveraging AI is a Challenge for Posts

The real power of AI lies in its ability to learn the business pattern and make recommendations across the most critical business metrics.


Why Leveraging AI is a Challenge for Posts

The postal sector, like most sectors, is facing an uncertain future. The difficulties ahead, which include recovery and adjusting to a new normal post-Covid-19, are just some of the many obstacles besetting the industry. However, while there is ambiguity, there is also an opportunity. Much of which is intrinsically linked to technology and artificial intelligence in particular.

Did you know that currently, according to our 2020 Future of Post report, only 52% of postal operators use data analytics? Although Posts are not unusual in this respect-one report estimates that 60% to 73% of data collected by companies is not used – I think the reasons why are unique to the industry.

What’s holding Posts back?

Not maximizing reports

  • We are all great at generating reports, but how effective is the reporting? Is it true often you are looking in the rear-view? And then once you have the data, what then? Who is analyzing them and making sound business decisions based on the information contained within?

Not measuring results

  • In many cases, the Post is leveraging algorithms to identify trends, which leads to predicting the outcome of specific actions. However, who is responsible for running such predictive models and the subsequent reports to measure those results?

Not utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Predictive analytics enables Posts to predict and quantify actions, automatically measure results, and use them to train machine learning algorithms.  But that’s just part of the solution. These tools suggest actions and measure effectiveness, but the capabilities of AI are extensive and have broader implications for the sector.

What AI offers Posts

In a nutshell, the real power of AI lies in its ability to learn the business pattern and make recommendations across the most critical business metrics. For example:

  • AI aggregates multiple information sources from both internal systems (such as point of sale data) and importantly any relevant external data sets.
  • AI analyzes huge volumes of retail data, across a Posts’ entire retail network. It then delivers specific recommendations that enable the Post to optimize metrics like employee performance, training, scheduling, and customer interactions.
  • After giving the recommendations, AI audits them to determine if the business is successfully executing each one according to the criteria outlined in the business logic, proving the ROI of the tool.

Where can Posts start with AI?

Although all Posts have yet to implement AI and reap the rewards, I believe we will soon see that change. Escher’s 2020 Future of Posts report found that 96% are using or planning to use data analytics very soon. This is beneficial to everyone – customers and organizations alike.

As you look for a platform that provides all the AI capabilities you need, ask the following questions:

Is the solution purpose-built for Posts?

Does it include configurable applications to meet your Posts’ unique requirements?  This will support the fast deployment of products and services at any point of service or channel.

Does it offer open architecture to ensure that your Post doesn’t get locked into specific components, services, technical architecture, or hardware?

Can it easily integrate with existing applications and systems, and quickly expand to enable Posts to pivot and adapt to new services, markets, business models, and technologies?

To help future proof your Post, does it offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling the addition, removal, or replacement of components to support evolving needs?

Escher’s Riposte AI solution checks all these boxes and more. Talk to us today to discover how our platform enables you to embrace and use AI to maximum results fully.


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