Riposte PUDO

Offer a secure way for customers to pick up and drop off their packages.

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Riposte PUDO simplifies and secures the last mile for Posts.

Quickly expand your reach, availability, and access to customers through third-party outlets, agent networks or franchisees.


Fewer Failed Deliveries

Reduce parcel theft, loss, or redelivery by giving customers a convenient alternative to doorstep deliveries.

Configuration options
package receiving

Reduce Delivery Costs

Introduce efficiency to the most expensive stretch of the delivery journey.

Actionable Insights

Customer Convenience

Give customers a reliable, convenient way to pick up or return their online purchases.

Scalable Software

Rapidly partner with new locations and shift from the fixed cost of leases to the variable cost of partnerships.

Drop off

Increase Revenue

Gain additional revenue from enhanced service availability and access to a consumer-facing agent network.


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