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Data, cross border shipping

Data, the Post Office, and cross-border shipments

DATA, THE POST OFFICE, AND CROSS-BORDER SHIPMENTS   Nick Manolis, CEO of Escher Group, joins Ian


Nick Manolis, CEO of Escher Group, joins Ian Kerr of Postal Hub Podcast discussing:

  • The blurring line between delivery and the retail network

  • Achieving better customer engagement in a postal context

  • Helping posts win more parcel volumes through measuring customer satisfaction

  • Taking real-time data collection and making it useful

  • Replacing mystery shoppers and QR codes on receipts

  • Cross-border duties and taxes

  • Dealing with “denied parties” and restricted products

  • Efficiency at the counter when processing international parcels

Also in this episode: how Canada Post is using pop-up PUDOs to add capacity during peak season.

Look out for more from Escher’s leadership team on the Postal Hub Podcast in the future


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