Single, secure and authenticated identity provided by Escher Group allows products and services to be offered online that previously could only be offered offline, such as applying for identity documents and accessing tax information.

Single Registration

Users register once to gain a proof of identity. This can be done online, offline or by a hybrid process. Organizations can request and receive verified attributes such as home address, date of birth or credit ratings directly or through third parties. Declarations are made and evidence is provided, checked and verified.

One Identity, Multiple Transactions

Escher's Assured Identity follows the principle of ‘make once, use many times’ and is SAML certified. It allows businesses to federate an authenticated user through a single sign-on (SSO) for many web and mobile applications.

Multi-Tier Authentication

Depending on the security required, the number of authentication tiers can be set. Multi-tier authentication options include PINs, mobile based SMS confirmation, out-of-band bi-directional mobile confirmation, partial passwords, grid cards, digital certificates and hardware token generators.

Two-Way Assurance

Businesses and consumers alike need to be confident that certain services are secure and data is protected. Escher Identity Assurance provides that guarantee – it ensures that people cannot sign in pretending to be someone else and make fraudulent claims or services.

Manage Users

Users can be organized into logical and manageable hierarchical structures, including nested groups and roles. Delegated administration is also available.

Open Standards

Escher’s Assured Identity solution is built on well-established and popular open standards for browser and mobile applications as well as HTTPS web service interfaces.