Post Office Point of Service Solutions

With Escher’s consumer engagement solutions, Posts can digitally interact meaningfully with their consumers – strengthening brand loyalty and driving customer retention.

Escher’s solutions provide your customers with an enriched experience at any service touchpoint. Whether they choose to connect from a mobile device, online, in-store or at a self-service kiosk, your customer can always be connected to your products and services through Escher’s consumer engagement solutions.

Digitally savvy customers expect a unified experience across all channels, including self-service. The shift from Point of Sale to Point of Service helps forward-looking postal organizations respond to customer expectations to start and finish transactions on different channels, different devices.

Point of Service provides retail staff with the flexibility to scan items, check prices, and other activities while away from the register on their mobile and handheld devices. It also frees up floor space, creating additional room for merchandise, promotions, and product displays. During peak periods, you can reduce busy checkout lines as staff can go directly to the customer, even assisting them outside the store.


  • Analytics — monitor customer behavior, emerging trends, buying patterns, campaign effectiveness, track KPIs, and enforce SLAs.

  • Coupon Management — design, publish and distribute coupons via SMS, email, social media and Wi-Fi networks. With higher redemption rates than paper coupons, Escher’s coupon management software tracks and validates redeemed coupons, increases footfall, and extends the sales cycle.

  • Loyalty — aggregate multiple loyalty cards on an Android/iOS mobile app. Capitalize on the ubiquitous nature of smart phones by coordinating targeted marketing campaigns based on customer preferences, seasonal peaks, and emerging trends. 

  • eWallet — customers can manage payments, deposits, and receipts in a single, secure digital location via a mobile app or browser. Top-up accounts on-the-go, check the balance, and view the transaction history. The double-entry accounting system tracks and reconciles all financial transactions.




Access Escher’s secure and adaptive multi-currency money transfer platform from multiple touchpoints, including your phone, online, kiosk, retails outlets, and ATMs. Calculate exchange rates, hidden fees, and transaction charges for local and cross-border payments.

Set minimum and maximum transfer limits for single order, across time periods, by channel, or to specified individuals or organizations. Schedule regular international payments. The Escher Identity Provider verifies that funds are allocated to the correct account.

Integrate into the post office current infrastructure to:

  • Increase revenue opportunities, such as commissions, transaction fees
  • Reduce fraud and increase compliance
  • Define, track, and automate processes
  • Strengthen consumer relationships

A solution tailored for Postal Operators to coordinate government disbursements to single or multiple recipients, including benefit payments, pensions, salaries, grants, and other government-issued payments.

Disburse split payments to recipients if a customer pays for multiple transactions in a single basket. Calculate transaction fees for partial, split or standard payments and associated line-item level transaction fees. The Escher identity management system verifies customers using a two-step authentication process. Once authenticated, customers are issued a digital identity to receive government disbursements from any postal network location or over the web.

The system can be extended to include stored funds on mobile devices that can be redeemed in approved partner retailer outlets. Generate and send financial reports to authorized users from your web dashboard. Configurable financial reports include details of fees, payments, deductions, transaction costs, and other items.

Attract and retain customers with flexible and tailored shopping experiences using cloud-based CRM tools.

Coordinate customers, locations, services with:

  • Advanced Reporting —segment and filter reports to gain a better understanding of customers from their acquisition to purchase.

  • Real-Time Information —data collection and management data helps identify functional bottlenecks, under-performing products, satisfy buying peaks, and control stock movement between channel outlets. Use real-time data and business intelligence to analyze customer shopping habits, develop compelling loyalty schemes, and synchronize targeted marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

  • More Accurate Segmentation —Escher’s Retail CRM gives businesses insight into customer and product segmentation so they can be sure their products and marketing initiatives are targeted at the right people at the right time.

  • Customer Alignment —provide consistent, contextual customer journeys across every channel, every device—in-store, online, kiosk or mobile. As an omnichannel business you can cultivate long-terms customer relationships that reflect their values and shopping preferences.

  • Increase Loyalty —strengthen relationships with consistent, contextual customer journeys. Define loyalty programs that track, monitor, and adjust based on customer response to special offers, coupons and discounts.

  • Multi-Tenanted CRM — for groups or businesses that work together, use Escher’s Retail CRM to coordinate business activities between stores and help tenants understand customer buying patterns between outlets.

Extend your omnichannel business with a portfolio of financial services including teller automation, financial transaction processing, foreign exchange, investment services, and account management. Integrate with back office, accounting, and central banking systems.

  • Escrow — safeguard and manages deposits to single or multiple accounts from a central location. Monies and documents held in escrow are ring-fenced and can only be released by the mutual consent of both parties.

  • eMoney — offer customers different ways to pay or receive money using prepaid cards, eWallet, unique ID, or with biometric information. Escher's eMoney solution manages electronic cash such as benefit payments (unemployment, retirement, etc.), deposits and receipts in a single, secure digital location.

  • Notifications —send customers SMS or email notifications when account activity occurs, payments are made, funds withdrawn, or trigger reminders when payments are due.

  • Banking Automation — improve operational efficiency and reduce duplication of efforts across business units with configurable bank automation modules. Define, monitor, and extend workflow process for reconciliation, payments, inventory management, third-party compensation and more.

  • Deployment — Flexible deployment models: cloud, SaaS, on-premise. Deploy business applications to any platform — mails, click and collect, bill pay, retail, money transfer, currency, loyalty and more.

  • Integration — Seamless integration and expansion with standards-based architecture: iOS, Android, Windows. Web APIs for business partners.

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