Digital Mail Solutions

Escher’s Digital Mail Solutions for Postal Organizations will provide consumers the ability to sign up for digital mail delivery  using a secure digital mail box.


Designed for postal organizations implementing digital transformation, Escher’s Digital Mail solutions accelerate the transition from paper to digital. As physical mail volumes decline and customer preferences shift from print to digital, we help our postal clients take advantage of the digital transformation opportunities enabled by cloud solutions.

In an increasingly digitized society, citizens, employees, and organizations require access to digital data to perform transactions from any location on any device – whether it is online, mobile, at kiosks or agency outlets.

By replacing physical mail, our highly secure digital mail solutions are more cost effective, less wasteful of resources, and also support government initiates to reform public services. Using these highly secure solutions, postal organizations can distribute government communications to citizens, such as tax, fees, licenses and grants, and other documentation that contains personal information.

Digital Mail White Paper

With Digital Mail, you can:

  • Reduce spam using a secure closed network with verified identity and pricing/cost model
  • Send secure mail with end-end encrypted electronic message transport with delivery receipts
  • Integrate with existing email infrastructure to protect emails, reduce fraud, minimize phishing and impersonation.
  • Communicate securely with government authorities using eRegistered Mail, the equivalent of physical registered mail with collection receipts
  • Improve compliance with client certificate-based authentication and message content signing with timestamps

Hybrid Mail Solutions

Hybrid Mail solutions provide the option to use both online and offline methods to deliver documents. It offers the flexibility to plan, schedule, and track standard and volume printing and processing, as well as setup email campaigns. You can send documents to street addresses or by email to secure digital mail boxes.

Hybrid Mail consists of a template and metadata structure with a multi-step processing engine which transforms data into a print- and post-ready package. You can configure parameter settings for the packet size, format (usually multi-page PDF), barcodes, and whether to separate packages into different print formats and sizes.

As businesses look to transition customers from physical mail to electronic mail, Escher’s solution coordinates this migration, while satisfying customers' needs, and providing them with the flexibility to choose and update their preferred method.

Registered customers choose their preferred delivery method for each document: digital or print.

Those who choose electronic mail, receive an email or SMS notification informing them that new mail is available in their digital mailbox. From here they can view, print, archive, and share PDF version of their bills, statement, and other personal documentation. Likewise, those who prefer physical mail, receive their mail as per the standard delivery process. Once logged in, customers can change their preferences by updating their delivery preferences.

With Hybrid Mail, you can:

  • Send mail according to your recipient’s preference, either paper or digitized.
  • Prepare and segregate document output for physical delivery.
  • Send bulk documents with associated metadata via API or sFTP to the recipient’s email and/or physical address.
  • Track delivery and non-delivery of electronic and physical items.
  • Use templates to convert documents for sending (electronic or physical).
  • Integrate ERP product codes for hybrid items.

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