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With Escher’s purpose-built customer engagement platform, Riposte, Chief Retail Officers at Posts around the world can drive superior customer experience at greater speed and better cost structure. Riposte helps Chief Retail Officers efficiently manage letters, parcels, and logistics in addition to rolling out financial and government services with ease. With over 30 years of best practices helping some of the largest Posts in the world, Escher can reduce costs across your post office retail network, and improve customer experience at every point of engagement.

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Enhance customer experience

Escher helps Posts to streamline the entire retail process, greatly improving the customer experience. Automatically transform POS data across your retail network into actionable suggestions. Access real-time customer feedback and trends from all points of engagement. Deliver an efficient and enjoyable customer experience both in-store and online.  These are just a few of the ways Riposte will help you continually enhance customer experience.


Grow your post office retail network and other points of engagement, profitability

Rapidly expand your retail network with pick up and drop off (PUDO) locations. By partnering with convenience stores and other third party retailers, Posts can add more points of engagement but without the large fixed costs associated with a traditional Post-owned retail expansion. With Escher, Posts can further expand points of engagement with self-service kiosks, mPOS, online access, and more.

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Roll out new retail solutions and services quickly and with ease

The Riposte platform drives top line growth for Posts, enabling the easy creation of new revenue streams and intelligent cross-sell and upsell guidance to increase the value of every transaction.

Leverage data across the entire retail network to make more informed decisions

Escher delivers a unified point of control for all customer interfaces and captures all transactional data. Posts can use this data to deliver actionable insights to the business, helping to understand performance, customer behaviour, engagement patterns, and more to improve customer satisfaction.


Handle cross border and regulatory requirements efficiently

Reductions or elimination of de minimis, changes in VAT regulations, and the STOP Act are just a few of the complications Posts have to navigate in the ever-changing global shipping landscape.  Riposte helps streamline and simplify the time-intensive and complex steps in global shipping workflows including product classification, taxes and duties calculation, compliance and more.

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Onboard Post Office staff with minimal training

Riposte provides an intuitive user experience which has been developed in partnership with postal operators around the world. Training requirements are minimized for all users, from system administrators to counter staff and consumers. The platform’s intuitive user experience helps speed up implementation, engagement, and adoption.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation to streamline transactions

Riposte’s intelligent automation streamlines transactions, providing greater efficiency and improved customer service. The platform’s built-in cues accelerate agent performance and its intelligent cross-sell and upsell guidance helps increase the value of every transaction.


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