Digital Transformation

Increased demand for eCommerce, parcels, and global shipping presents new challenges for Posts striving to keep up. As these trends continue, digital transformation is no longer an option, but a necessity. Using a next-gen customer engagement platform, real-time data and analytics, as well as automation technologies, Posts can meet and exceed the increasingly high expectations of today’s digitally-savvy consumers.

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Consumer expectations are high

Millennials already have a strong economic presence, and Generation Z is right behind them. These tech-savvy consumers expect to have their needs and desires met with a few finger taps on a mobile phone. Their devices summon and track everything from rides to food delivery, and they expect the same from their shopping and postal experience.


Meet expectation with digital transformation

Digital transformation can optimize inventory and asset tracking as well as last-mile logistics to offer competitive shipping options like real-time tracking and same-day or next-day delivery. Combined with digitally optimized financial services, these enhanced customer experiences help Posts scale with ease.

Increase revenue, protect profitability

Data & analytics provide insight and predictions

Collecting and analyzing customer activity data makes it possible to identify patterns, make predictions, and improve decision-making. Posts are using data to anticipate demand and move inventory pre-emptively to enable faster shipping options. Successful digital transformation strategies help Posts make this a reality.

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AI & automation increase speed and agility

A benefit of digital transformation is harnessing the power of machine learning which puts data and analytics to use without putting additional pressure on Post resources. Artificial intelligence and automation help Posts complete tasks faster and more accurately than manual operations, making the fulfillment and shipping process more efficient.


Think beyond shipping

To compete in the booming eCommerce space, retailers are leveraging a wider number of localized inventory storage options and using digital technology to enable same-day or next-day delivery. Meanwhile, banks, investment firms, and other financial service providers have gone digital, encroaching on another revenue stream many Posts utilize. Posts who digitally transform now will be in a far better position, helping mitigate any potential revenue loss from last-mile distribution and financial services.


Financial services

Today’s tech-savvy consumers have more choices than any other time in history. They have many digital payment options available and can easily connect to financial institutions via mobile apps. Digital transformation for Posts enhances in-person customer experiences with more seamless financial service provision. Money transfers, virtual cards, and mobile card reloads are just a few services that can be offered and optimized through digital transformation.

last mile logistics

Last mile logistics

As a result of the increase in parcel volumes and the desire for faster and efficient deliveries, multi-channel supply chains are the norm. Distributed inventory can be more quickly delivered to customers compared to inventory in large, centralized warehouses. Digital transformation allows Posts to participate as connected partners, collecting parcel data from retailers and offering the real-time tracking consumers have come to expect


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